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Purchase List for WooCommerce

Updated 10 November 2022

Nowadays, for every online merchant Add to Wishlist has become one of the important aspects of their store. It helps to provide a better user experience.

Though, having a single wishlist is not good enough for the eCommerce store. As most of the store provides the same feature, the customers want something more which will help their shopping.

The WooCommerce Multiple Wishlists plugin introduces the feature of creating more than one wishlist instead of having a single one. It will help the customers to make numerous shopping lists according to their needs.

One list can be for grocery items, the second list can be for clothes, and the third list for gifting items.

Generally, there are many products listed on the eCommerce site so in the process to make the purchase easy and remember products, the merchant needs to adopt some new features in their online store.

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Here are some of the benefits of using the Multiple Wishlists module for customers:

Create Wishlists According to Occasions

These days customers are normally very busy in their day-to-day life. So for the shopping, they prefer to do that early or keep ready all the necessary things for the upcoming events.


This module helps them to do so as the customers can create the wishlist(s) according to the occasions or events and purchase them later on time.

Easy Sharing Of Wishlists

Many customers want to have their family and friends’ opinions before buying the products.

So this extension provides them with the feature to share the created wishlists with their friends and family through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and WhatsApp.



If the customer already has the wishlist of their liked products for future buying it leads them to the easy checkout process. They do not need to search the products from scratch on the website.

As there are many products listed on the websites. So it saves the customers’ time if they have shortlisted their favourite products in the wishlist.

The customer can directly add the product to the cart from the wishlist and proceed with the checkout.


Email Notification To Customers

Sometimes the customers forget to check the status of the products in the wishlist. So they missed the update of the same.

Having the feature of email notification helps them to solve this problem. Every time the products in the wishlist come in stock, the customers will receive an email notification.


Also, they will get notified in case where the wishlist products go out of stock.


It will help the customers not to miss their favourite products and keep track of it.

Easy to Configure

Introducing the Multiple Wishlist module is super easy. As you have to install the module, first and foremost.

After that, the admin needs to enable the module from the back end.


Thus, in this way you can easily introduce the multiple wishlist feature into your website for the customers.


So, if you wish to make the purchase process more organized, then it’s high time to introduce the Multiple Shopping list feature into your online store.

Thus, that’s all for the WooCommerce Multiple Wishlists plugin. If you still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and connect with our team at

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