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    How to Add Dynamic Product Groups in Shopware 6


    Dynamic product groups are groups of products that are formed by dynamic rules and can be played at different locations in your shop.

    Shopware is a leading Germany based e-commerce platform. Till the date, the platform has received more than 80 thousand users and it is a wondrous e-commerce solution in the DASH region and surrounding territories.

    In this blog, you will see how to do this!

    Use of Dynamic Product groups

    • The admin can set the products that are formed by dynamic rules and can be played at different locations in your shop.
    • Product groups act as containers for products they are created under a shop then that are used to organize products in any way you’d like in groups, subgroups, sub-sub groups, etc.
    • You can generate e-commercnavigation in frontend based on this group structure.

    Create a Dynamic Product Groups

    For creating the dynamic product groups in Shopware, you have to go to the Shopware 6 Dashboard and click on the Catalogues menu.

    The Catalog Menu provides easy access to Shopware dynamic product groups. Now, click on Dynamic product groups.

    Now, a page will open. Click on Add dynamic product group.

    A new dynamic product group, there are two options available over there.

    • General Information
    • Condition

    General Information

    Name – First enter a significant name of the product group.

    Description – Enter descriptipon of a product group.


    Conditions section, you will define rules using a corresponding module to determine which are belongs to the product group.

    First, select a property and a corresponding condition that must be fulfilled. Next with the button AND, you can create another condition.

    In addition to an AND, you can also create another condition as an OR. In this case, one or the other condition must be fulfilled so that belongs to the group. 

    You can also nest the conditions by clicking the SUBCONDITION button. In the Sub condition, you will create another sub condition. This can be continued infinitely.

    After that, the Preview button shows you all products, that would belong to the dynamic product group with the currently selected conditions. 


    Moreover, for any query and issue related to Shopware please create a support ticket here.

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