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    Delivery Boy App for Shopify


    For on-demand service-based businesses, a delivery boy plays a significant role in managing doorstep deliveries.
    “On-time delivery is considered to be one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for eCommerce industries as it is directly related to customer satisfaction”.

    So, if you run a delivery-based business using Shopify, you need to have better management of delivery services on your online store. Considering this, we came up with the Delivery Boy App for Shopify to simplify the order-to-delivery process.

    The Delivery Boy App provides a simplified way to streamline delivery services on your Shopify store. With this app, you can add agents as delivery boys, assign orders to them, and track orders assigned for deliveries. The agents will manage the deliveries via the Android/iOS mobile app.

    Moreover, you can set commission rules to define how much your agents earn per order delivered to the customer. Let’s dive into the details.

    Additional Features of this App

    • Add delivery agents to manage deliveries for the orders received on your Shopify store.
    • Agents can easily access the orders received and manage deliveries via the Android/iOS mobile app.
    • You will have a complete order history to check past deliveries.
    • Cancel order directly from the app.
    • Also, commission rules for delivery agents: Define how much your agents earn per order delivered.
    delivery boy mobile app

    Mobile App for agents to track orders and manage deliveries.

    Let’s understand the workflow.


    Setting up Merchant’s Account

    After the successful installation of the app, you will straightaway be redirected to the “Settings” section to manage your account settings.

    In this section, you need to enter your first name, last name, email ID and mobile number. Now, save the details.


    Commission Rule

    Create Commission Rule for the Delivery Agents

    After configuring your account settings, you can set commission rules for your delivery agents. With this, you can define the amount your agents earn per order delivered to the customer.

    The commission can either be null if you pay the agents separately OR the commission can be of two types:

    • Percentage-based commission: Enter a percentage amount as commission. This % amount will be deducted from the total order amount and paid to the delivery boy.
    • Fixed commission: You can enter a fixed amount per delivery as a commission for the agent.

    You can anytime remove the commission rule set for the delivery agents.

    Warehouse Details

    You can set a proximity distance for the agents to pick up the order from the Warehouse address. This way, you can assign an order to the agent who is available in the radius configured. You can manage this from the Warehouse Details section in the app.

    Warehouse Address: You need to mention the Warehouse address i.e. the physical store location from where the delivery boy needs to pick up the order.

    Proximity Distance: Configure a distance and assign orders to the agents only within this specified radius.


    Email Notifications

    In the app, you can manage notification settings. Visit the Settings>> Click Manage Notifications button.


    Clicking the Manage Notifications, you can configure the notification email sent via app.


    Click the Manage Notification button and configure the email from here:-


    Let’s proceed to add agents to the app.

    Add Delivery Agents

    You can easily add the delivery agents to the app for managing your store deliveries. For this, you need to visit the “Delivery Agents” section of the app and click the “Add Agent” button to configure the agent’s account details.


    You need to add details of your agents such as First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Mobile Number. Soon after you save the details, your delivery agent will receive an email (to the registered email ID) asking to reset the password.


    Manage Delivery Boy Vehicle Details

    You need to select the vehicle type for your delivery agent either Bike or Cycle. Now, enter the vehicle number using which the order is to be delivered by the agent.


    This way, you can add agents and get them listed in the app to manage deliveries. Later, you can edit the agent details, if required.


    Get the delivery boys listed in a separate section of the app. From here, you can view the complete order history of the agent.

    Order Listing

    In the app, you will have a separate section to list all the orders received in your store. To assign an order to the agent, first you need to accept the order. You can directly accept/reject the orders from the listing.

    order details

    How to Assign Orders to the Delivery Agents?

    As soon as a customer places an order, you will get it listed in the app as well. In the Orders section of the app, you can check the orders received with the “Pending Approval” state. Now, to assign an order to the delivery agent, you need to click the “View Details” button to check all the complete details of the order.

    order details

    Firstly, click the Accept Order button to accept the order.

    assign delivery agent

    Clicking the Assign Delivery Agent button, you need to select an agent to whom you want to assign this order to be delivered.

    delivery agent

    This way, the order is assigned to the agent. You can anytime unassign the order or change the delivery agent for the order.

    assign order

    Now, you can proceed to schedule delivery for the orders.

    schedule delivery

    Moreover, you can mark the order status in the app.

    Order details

    That is how, you can assign orders to the delivery agents and schedule deliveries effortlessly.

    Membership Plans

    The Delivery Boy app comes with two distinctive plans i.e. BASIC & PAID

    Basic plan charges $5/month:- You can add up to 2 delivery agents to manage orders in your store.

    Paid plan charges $10/month:- You can add unlimited delivery agents to manage orders in your store.

    Also, you can allow delivery agents to manage unlimited orders using any of the two plans.

    delivery boy membership plan

    How to Install the Mobile App?

    In the Mobile App section, we provide QR codes to scan and install the Delivery Boy Mobile app for the agents. The mobile app is available for Android as well as iOS devices. All the necessary instructions are provided in the app.

    Additionally, you can create a demo for your shop on your mobile phone using the unique code provided in the app.


    Mobile App Installation

    Android Mobile Link:

    iOS Mobile Link

    For installation in your device you can use either of the two options:

    Open the URL in the iOS device and install it by clicking on the install option. OR
    Open the URL in a web browser of your system, scan the QR code from an iOS device and wait for a minimum 30 seconds for a prompt. After clicking on the prompt, you can install the app on your iOS device.

    After installation: Go to iPhone settingsGeneralDevice Management → Select WEBKUL SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITED → Click TRUST

    Now, you can use the app.

    This is all about how to allow delivery agents to manage the order-to-delivery process using the app on your Shopify store. Let’s understand the delivery agent’s interface i.e. Delivery Boy Mobile App.

    Delivery Boy Mobile App

    You can allow the delivery agents to install the Delivery Boy mobile app to their iOS & Android devices. Through the app, the agents will track the order status & manage the deliveries in a sorted way.

    To manage the orders, the agent first needs to install the mobile app on his/her android/iOS devices.

    Once you scan and open the app, the below screen appears:-


    In the Unique App ID field, you need to enter the code provided in the app (Refer to the below screenshot):-


    So, after installing the mobile app, the agents need to login to the app using the credentials through which they are added to the merchant’s store.


    As soon as the agent login to the mobile app, he/she gets redirected to the app dashboard from where the can track ongoing sales.
    Mobile App Dashboard:


    Track the Orders:


    The side panel view to check the order details and manage account settings.


    Account Settings:
    The agents can check their details from the “Delivery Boy Details” section of the mobile app.

    This was all about the mobile app for delivery agents.



    Check the Demo:

    Need Help?

    If you need any kind of support, just raise a ticket at You can also contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

    Thank You for reading this Blog!

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  • Prashant
    I cannot find this app in the Shopify Marketplace, can you please share URL for this app, I want to integrate with my Shopify store
    • Supriya Srivastava (Moderator)
      Hello Prashant,
      Currently, the app is submitted to Shopify for review. We will soon provide the installation link for the merchants to use the app on their Shopify store.
      Stay tuned!
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