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CS-Cart Stripe Connect Custom Account

Updated 29 December 2023

CS-Cart Stripe Connect Custom Account: This magnificent extension allows user to integrate their CS-Cart platform with Stripe Connect. Through Connect, the site can interact with both standalone and custom stripe accounts. Via this add-on CS-Cart platform gets linked with a Stripe Custom account which will be completely invisible to account holders.

Also, the admin is responsible for every interaction with his users. For a detailed understanding please click the link provided

Check a brief overview of the plugin –



  • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.
  • Easy to manage and configure at the admin end.
  • Advanced backend options for Admin to configure Stripe connect.
  • Also Supports popular payment options which include Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.
  • Admin has the functionality to set vendor commission.
  • During checkout, the total amount customers pay includes vendor amount and admin’s commission.
  • Moreover, Customers and vendors have the accessibility to view the details of the primary recipient i.e. the admin of the site.
  • Admin has the functionality to allocate the payment and cost of services provided to vendors.
  • Also, the add-on includes the concept of payment via Stripe.
  • For “checkout.js” the user of the store has the option of payment via card, Alipay, and BITCOIN.
  • Details of payment via Stripe can be viewed at the admin end.
  • In addition, a separate page has been provided to list the vendor account details.
  • The functionality of refund, delay time, and cancel payment is available.
  • In addition functionality to add an additional surcharge to the vendor’s order is available. The charges will be applicable to vendors.
  • The option to set a delay time for transactions to the vendor’s account is available.
  • Besides this Cancellation of vendor payment is possible via admin before executing transactions with respect to vendors.

Recurring Payment method

Note: Utilising the recurring payment option in the Stripe payment gateway requires the recurring access payment addon.

You have to install the Recurring Payment Access addon for using this feature.

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After installing the add-on you have to enable it from the admin panel.  You have to select the method for recurring payments.


Then, you have to go to the product list and select the product on which you want to create the recurring payment option Products>product


After, selecting the product, click on the option Stripe Recurring then you can add the initial amount and the recurring amount and the recurring type.


  • Recurring Type: By selecting this you can set the recurring cycle, it may be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Initial Amount: This amount refers to the amount payable at the start of the subscription of the product like a downpayment.
  • Recurring Amount: This amount will be the amount that will be debited from the customer’s account on the basis of the selected subscription plan.

After filling in all the details click on the Save button.

Customer View

When the admin assign the product as a subscripted product, the customer able to see the subscritption button beside add to cart button.


The customer have the option to subscribe the product. When the customer click on the subscription button a dialog box appear mentioned below. From there the buyer can select the starting date and subcription plan as per needed.


When the customer select the subscription plan then it come to payment of the subscription and redirect to the checkout page.


When you click on the Place Order the customer is redirect to the card details page where buyer have to fill the email ID, card information, billing address details and click on Subscribe button.


After clicking on the Subscribe button, buyer will get order confirmation.


CS-Cart Stripe Connect custom Account

Configuration at Stripe end

After downloading the CS-Cart Stripe Connect Custom Account, you’ll get one zip file and install it. text. Read the install.text carefully and configure it accordingly. Firstly Go to the manage add-ons page. Browse and select the zip file, upload, and install.

Now go to the Stripe Connect Dashboard then login with your credentials. After that Click on “Developers” as shown below in the snapshot.
Click API keys as per the mode selection and use the credentials provided.
Finally, click on the +Create button and then click on “Activate your account” to activate Stripe custom account.
Fill out the form and submit it. Wait for the approval from Stripe end to use the custom account.


After installing the add-on, click on “settings” to configure.

Select the mode and based on which enter the credentials provided by Stripe.


Go to “Administration” and click on “Payment Method”.


Click on “+” to create a new payment method.

Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot

  • Set the name of the payment method.
  • For checkout choose the processor as “Stripe Connect(Inline)”.
  • Select the template as “cc.tpl” from the dropdown.
  • Configure the below tabs accordingly as shown below in the snapshot.


Click on “configure” and set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

  • Select the default currency for stripe payment. If any user selects any non-supported stripe currency then the default currency will get applied instead of the non-supported chosen currency.
  • Enable “yes” to allow Stripe response as shown below.
  • Select “yes” to enable BITCOIN and Alipay for payment.
  • Enable “yes” to allow Alipay reusable and Stripe response as shown below.
  • Finally, Select the order status for different stripe payment responses as shown below.

Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot

  • Set the name of the payment method.
  • For checkout choose the processor as “Stripe Connect”.
  • The select template as “cc_stripe.tpl” from the dropdown.
  • Configure the below tabs accordingly as shown below in the snapshot.


View at Vendor panel

Firstly Go to “Marketing” and click on “Stripe Connect”.
Set the parameters mentioned below in the snapshot.

  • Enter the country.
  • Also, Set the details of the account as shown below in the snapshot.
  • Fill in the personal details.


View at Admin panel

Go to “stripe connect” as shown below in the snapshot.

  • Click on “Managed Stripe Connect” to view and manage the vendor listed.
  • In “Stripe Connect Balance”, the admin can view the details which include the credit/debit balance.
  • The “Stripe Connect Refund” tab displays the refund details.
  • In “Stripe Connect Transfer”, the admin can view the logs related to the transfer of balance.
  • Finally, Click on “Manual Transfer History” to view and manage the manual transfer of the amount.


View of “Managed Stripe Connect”.

View of “Stripe Connect Balance”.
In “Stripe connect Refund Log”, the admin can manage and view the log related to refunds. Click on “Refund” to create a refund as shown below.
Set the field as shown below.

  • Enter the “order id”.
  • Select the type of refund “full” or “partial”.
  • Click “reverse associated transfer” to withdraw the amount from the connected vendor account.
  • Click to allow the refund of the application fee.

In the below snapshot, the admin can view the logs related to funding transfers.
In “Manual Transfer History”, the admin can manage and view the details of the manually transferred amounts.


All the recurring orders will show in the stripe recurring order section.


In the Disconnected Transactions section, all the vendor’s orders will show that are not connected to Stripe. Website-Stripe-Connect-Administration-panel-7


For the payment, we offer a “3D secure feature” to the customers who only need to complete an additional verification step with the card issuer when paying.


While choosing payment via “Stripe Connect checkout.js” select the option as shown below in the snapshot.
Then, fill in the credentials as shown below for the payment.
For payment via “Stripe Connect Inline” select the option and fill in the credentials as shown below in the snapshot.
ygyAfter “successfully” entering the information, the order is placed as shown below. You can also check the information of your order.



For further any query feel free to contact us at

Besides this, you can explore our cs-cart Development Services and Quality cs-cart add-ons.

Current Product Version - 1.6

Supported Framework Version - 4.15.x to 4.17.x

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