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    CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping

    Store pickup is creating a seamless shopping experience for the customers nowadays. CS-Cart Store pickup shipping add-on is used to provide the feature of store pickup to the customer. CS-Cart store pickup shipping add-on allows a customer to directly pickup the product from his nearest store assigned by seller/admin. Product is not compatible with Common Vendor Products.

    Features Of CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping

    • Easy to use and manage for admin and Seller.
    • Admin/Seller can add multiple store pickup points.
    • Admin/Seller can assign multiple pickup points to any product.
    • Functionality to add products in bulk to any store pickup points.
    • Admin/Seller can set current product stock at any store. If the seller/admin assigned store more than product actual stock. Then from storefront Product Actual stock will take place on priority.
    • Functionality to restrict any product for store pickup only.
    • Option to restrict customers for local store pickup only.
    • Admin/Seller can set the store pickup point for Product variations product.
    • Admin/Seller Can mark any individual order item as picked up from backend.
    • Admin/Seller can set the Radius range of the pickup store.
    • An admin has the functionality to change the store at order details page.
    • Provides distance and time duration information of store pickup to customer.
    • Customer can Search the nearby store by filtering radius at the storefront.
    • Customer can change the address as per their pickup requirement
    • Well integrated with MVE/CS-Cart.

    Video Tutorial:

    Flow Of Installation And Configuration:


    When you’ll download the “CS-Cart Store Pickup Shipping add-on”, you’ll get one zip files and the install.txt file. Read it carefully and follow it. Firstly click on the plus icon to upload the zip file. After that install the zip file.


    After installation of the add-on, you need to configure the settings of the add-on.



    Now configure the settings of the add-on and enter the various fields as given below.


    After the configuration of the add-on, under the “Website” tab you will find the “Store Pickup”. Now Click on “Store Pickup Points”, to create pickup points for the customer.


    By clicking on “Store Pickup Points”, an admin needs to enter the various fields in order to create a new store pickup point for the customers.


    When a store pickup point is created, an admin can add products to the respective store pickup points. These products will be available for store pickup to the customers.


    Admin can add the product to the store pickup point from the list through the search option provided. Products can also be added in bulk to the store pickup point through the CSV file.


    After clicking on “Add bulk products through CSV”, an admin will upload the CSV file to add products in bulk.


    View of the Store Pickup Products:

    Firstly, go to “Store Pickup”, and click on “Store Pickup Products” to view the list of the products.


    Admin can also add the products to multiple stores pick up point. Admin can also restrict the customers only for local store pickup from his backend.


    Front End View

    Given below is the front end view, where a customer can select the store pickup point to pick up the product.


    After clicking on “Select Store Pickup Point”, a popup will be displayed that allows accessing the location of the customer.


    Customer can Search nearby store by filtering radius. It will show the available stores as per the radius is set by the customer from the storefront. By default, it shows the distance and the time duration of the available store.


    View On Map: A customer can also view the address of the selected store on the map itself by clicking on “View On Map”.


    View of the checkout page:


    When a customer placed an order for store pickup, he can find the directions for the store pickup points from his order detail page.


    View of the store pickup orders:


    When a customer has picked up the order from a store, an admin can update the status of any order to picked up from his backend.


    Admin has the access to change the store pickup point from the backend at the order detail page.



    That’s All For The Add-On, Still, Have Any Issue, Feel Free To Write Here Http://Webkul.Uvdesk.Com  And Let Us Know Your Views To Make The Add-on Better.

    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - CS-Cart & CS-Cart MultiVendor 4.8.x, 4.9.x and 4.10.x

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