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How to Create API in Akeneo

Updated 2 December 2022

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. With the help of API, will be easier to implement, easier to integrate, easier to maintain, and above all, you will not suffer from painful migrations again.

In this blog, you will learn How to create an API key in Akeneo.

What you can connect in Akeneo using API

You can connect the following using Akeneo API

  • DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • Multiple eCommerce solutions
  • Syndication solution
  • Translation solution
  • ERP solution
  • Print Solution
  • Akeneo postman collection

How to Create an API?

To Create API Key in Akeneo you have to navigate to System>>Connection.


After that click on the connections option. After that, it will redirect to the new page.

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Then after that click on create button and fill in the details like the label, code and flow type.



In settings, you can edit the label, flow type and add images. In flow type, there are three option data source, data destination and other.



Then after adding the details following you will get the following details.

  • Client Id
  • Client Secret Key
  • Username
  • Password


After creating the key you can give permission for the API to the selected role and group of Akeneo.



This was all about How to create API in Akeneo. Thanks for taking the time in reading this blog. And also, please don’t forget to share your feedback and suggestions in the comment box given below.

Moreover, If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to add a ticket to our HelpDesk system.

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