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    Create a custom log file in Magento 2 using Monolog and logging data into it.

    Hello everyone, Today we will learn to create a custom log file programmatically and log data into the custom log file.

    First of all we need to create handlers and loggers for custom log file. For that, create a Logger.php class in Logger folder in your custom Module as shown below-

    After this, Create Handler class, in which we will define the custom Log file name as shown below-

    Last step is to define the monolog in di.xml in etc folder of your custom Module –

    This is it, now just use the logger in your Magento 2 file, to print the logs in the custom created log file with the following code-

    Now you can find the above printed data in var/log/customLog.log file.

    You can use this for logging any required data in your custom Module.

    This is all for now, I ll be back soon.

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