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Choosing the Right Akeneo Edition: Community vs. Growth vs. Enterprise

Updated 1 August 2023

Today’s competitive market requires businesses to streamline their Product Information Management (PIM) processes to succeed. 

Akeneo PIM comes in three different editions Community, Growth, and Enterprise. 

Webkul does provide complete development support on all these Akeneo Editions.

We have more than 60 modules developed on Akeneo for various eCommerce frameworks, Marketplace, ERP, and Mobile App. 

PIM Integration

Let’s discuss 3 different Editions: 

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Community Edition

Akeneo Community Edition is open source and free to use. The user can install the Akeneo PIM on a dedicated self-hosted server. 

You can check the pre-requisite information to install the Akeneo PIM Community Edition

Akeneo Community Edition

Since Akeneo CE is self-hosted, the user can easily customize it. The user can also install the modules on this.

Akeneo Community Edition will provide these features:

  • Collect product data
  • Manage catalogs
  • Enrich product information
  • Export product data

Growth Edition

Akeneo Growth Edition is a SaaS-based PIM. Growth Edition is the best option for Merchants who don’t want to manage the PIM server and want to start using Product Information Management.

As it’s a SaaS-based PIM, the user can’t customize the existing features.

Do you want to manage the product information for your eCommerce using Akeneo Growth Edition?

It’s possible to export the products from Akeneo Growth to eCommerce without using CSV/XLSX.

Let’s discuss the Middleware System.

Middleware System

An Akeneo Middleware System will work based on the API. The import/export will work based on the API.

The user wants to connect with their eCommerce store then they can easily connect. They just need these basic details for the integration.

  • Admin URL
  • Client ID
  • Secret Key
  • User Name
  • Password

The Middleware System will be installed on a dedicated server. It’s self-hosted software.

The Webkul Team will free install the Middleware System on the merchant’s server after they will purchase the modules.

You can check the details of working from the Shopify eCommerce Framework.


Enterprise Edition

Akeneo Enterprise Edition is a SaaS/PaaS-based PIM. This version comes with some advanced features.

  • Advanced Rights Management
  • Validation Workflow
  • Rules Engine
  • Asset Manager
  • Reference Entities
  • Table Attribute, etc.

Further, Akeneo Enterprise Edition comes with two sub-editions:

Akeneo Enterprise Edition


Akeneo Flexibility Edition comes under PaaS(Platform as a Service) service. It will be hosted on the Akeneo server but the merchants are allowed to customize the Akeneo features as per their requirement.

The Flexibility will work similarly to the Akeneo Community but with advanced Enterprise features.

Akeneo is improving its features day by day. The merchants can easily manage the product information using Akeneo for their eCommerce Stores.



Akeneo Serenity Edition comes under SaaS(Software as a Service) service. It will be hosted on the Akeneo server but like Growth, the merchants can’t modify it further.

Akeneo SaaS Edition

We can use integrate the third-party eCommerce, ERP, and CMS systems via API.

As explained in the Growth Edition, the customer can use the Webkul Middleware System to connect their System via API.

If you are a merchant and looking to use the Akeneo Enterprise features in Community Edition then you can find more details below.

Some of Webkul’s module features are added to the Enterprise Edition.

By using the above module, the merchants can convert their Akeneo Community Edition to have the Enterprise features.

Webkul also provides useful guides and demos to check the features of the modules.


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Do you want to manage your Products in PIM? You can send us an inquiry at [email protected]  

Please explore our PIM Development Services and Quality Akeneo Extensions.

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