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Case Study Takoda Shop

Takoda Shop – Green Marketplace Platform to Sell & Promote Sustainable Products

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Health
Country Netherlands

Takoda Shop is a sustainable men’s clothing & jewelry brand from shirts to socks. In addition, takodashop is a marketplace where you sell and buy if sustainable!

Therefore, Takoda means everyone’s friend, and comes from the native Indians, the company was founded in 2013 by Alain Stout and has undergone multiple transformations.


By taking more happiness, greenery, and health as the core starting point we make our planet more sustanible. An eco-platform with only sustainable products, where we offer everything we feel good about for a better planet.

Takoda shop creates fun and beautiful things for a better world and making a positive offering and improving people’s lives.

For a sustainable business chain must be thought through every link, think of the logistics, packaging, production, materials and how people are treated.

Alian Stout Founder & Owner of Takoda

It’s a sustainable platform that means contributing to a better world with more generality
Where we work together for a better planet and always make a responsible choice at takoda.

Netherlands Market Size for E-commerce Marketplace

The Netherlands is the 17th largest market for e-commerce with a revenue of US$22 billion in 2021, placing it ahead of Turkey and Mexico.

With an increase of 14%, the Dutch e-commerce market contributed to the worldwide growth rate of 29% in 2021. Revenues for eCommerce continue to increase. New markets are emerging, and existing markets also have the potential for further development.

takoda shop

Global growth will continue over the next few years. This will be follow by East and Southeast Asia, with their expanding middle class and lagging offline shopping infrastructure. (Source)

Takoda shop from the Netherlands strives for a 100% sustainable and environmentally focused.

By, partnering with production firms that operate certified sustainable.

100% Natural Materials As they believe in the feeling and quality of natural materials, we as human beings are purely natural, and that works better together.

How does Webkul help Takoda Shop?

Hence, Alain Stout owner of Takoda Shop, contact Webkul as he found the opportunity to expand his business worldwide by using our modules.

He had already an existing website and he convey all requirements to the Webkul team.


Moreover, We helped Takoda shop with our Multi-Vendor Module that converts their existing store Magento 2 into a complete online marketplace with multiple vendors.

Here, vendors have a unique vendor dashboard in a separate vendor panel. The Takoda Shop vendors dashboard is your home as a seller. It’s a tool to give you an overview of your e-commerce store.


By Using our GeoIP module takoda shop marketplace redirected the language to the language of the browser from the visitors showing a better user experience to its customers.

This module checks the customer language based on their IP addresses, and redirects the customers to their relevant store view & changes the language as per their country.

 Takoda Shop

Hence, By using our GeoIP module takoda shop language got redirected to the language of the browser from the visitor. This enhances the user experience on shopping sites by allowing customers to purchase from their relevant store views.

Along with this client also buys an SEO module for his e-commerce store that improves on-page SEO optimization and page experience as well.

Why did Takoda Shop choose Webkul?

Webkul has 11+ years of experience in many sets of innovations in the previous years that were showcase six times in Magento Innovations Lab. It has won many awards for our Adobe Commerce extensions.

Webkul is known for its huge satisfied customer base and got selected for the Best Selling Extension Award at Magento Imagine 2018 and 2019.

 Takoda Shop

Checkout Process

The checkout method is the set of actions a customer takes on an eCommerce business to purchase the products in their shopping cart.

This includes every step a customer takes to reach the checkout page. Hence, a typical client checkout procedure is as follows:

shopping bag > billing information > shipping information > shipment method > order preview > payment > confirmation

You can securely checkout to accept orders and take payments wherever you sell online.

 Takoda Shop

Adobe Commerce Cloud

Moreover, Takoda Shop uses Adobe Commerce Cloud, which includes many sets of innovations for Adobe Commerce. Now it is more feature-rich and with the best-in-class support from Adobe.

Webkul has been working since 2010 with Adobe Commerce and has innovative commerce for the marketplace. We are offering full adobe commerce services as we are an Adobe Commerce Development Company.

Review By Client

Hence, We asked the client to share his valuable feedback about our work. Alain Stout was please with our module as well as the team’s assistance. Read the complete insight here.

It works now, very happy, Webkul is always willing to help wherever they need to, their customer service is out of this world.
Alain Stout
CEO, Takoda Shop
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