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Case Study Oxfam Canada Unwrapper

How Oxfam Canada Unwrapped Sync Shopify Salesforce And Got Success In Business?

Platform Salesforce
Industry Other
Country Canada

The Oxfam Canada Unwrapped sync Shopify Salesforce with the help of the “eShopSync for Shopify” connector. The requirements raised got fulfilled and the numbers got increased in opportunities that they were changing into leads.

Let’s read what they were dealing with and how they grow their business using our connectors.

Offering a variety of gifts that can change people’s lives, Oxfam Unwrapped is a program for gifting symbolic gifts. We have gifts that let you give something exceptional to someone who has everything while also providing something significant to someone who needs it, regardless of the occasion — a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or wedding.

Buying a present from Oxfam Canada Unwrapped will help men and women, even entire communities, become more self-sufficient. The presents Oxfam Canada offers through Unwrapped are actual items utilized in our projects, and we work in more than 90 countries worldwide.

The idea behind Oxfam Unwrapped is that the money you spend on gifts supports two causes aiding the battle against poverty and assisting both men and women to greater self-sufficiency and control over their lives. 

With a focus on enhancing lives and advancing the rights of women and girls, our purpose is to create long-lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. To confront the structures that uphold injustice and keep people in poverty, we work closely with communities, partners, and women’s rights organizations. 

Together, we work to persuade individuals in positions of authority to give women living in poverty a voice in important choices that have an impact on them, their families, and entire communities. We think that women’s rights should be the first step in eradicating global poverty because of this.

Requirements Of Oxfam Canada Unwrapper

They have raised the requirements that they want:

  1. To have more leads
  2. To expand the network
  3. To sync data automatically on a real-time basis
  4. To know specific insights and work on them
  5. To expand their business
  6. To Save cost 
  7. To grow their business on good terms.

Problem Overview

The Oxfam Canada Unwrapper wants to dedicate more time to the company so that it might expand significantly. They were looking for an automatic solution that would allow them to concentrate more on their business. Since they aim to reach more clients and aid them in running their businesses, they offer services to them. They were already operating their businesses on the top systems, Shopify and Salesforce CRM, for the best customer relationship management, respectively.

They created records manually from their Shopify eCommerce Store to Salesforce CRM as their method of operation. It is impossible to access client information immediately when records were created manually. As a result, they missed leveraging automated campaigns to target the appropriate customer at the right time with the correct data. Additionally, this costs them more in terms of money, time, and effort.

Program/Activity Description

Oxfam Canada Unwrapped was connected with Webkul. Then they discussed the needs of their business. As Webkul is a registered ISV partner of Salesforce, Salesforce Ridge (Silver) consulting partner, and AppExchange Crest (Gold) partner. So they took a good decision at that time to get their requirements fulfilled with Webkul. 

The solution they got was integrating Shopify and Salesforce by using the “eShopSync for Shopify connector”. Without encountering any concerns with duplicate or incorrect data creation, they synced their data automatically. They were also able to sync and update the data on a real-time basis. The Salesforce-certified team helped them every time they wanted to get assistance.


You can also communicate your needs to the consulting team if you need any extra work done on the Shopify Salesforce connector. They will check with the developer to make sure. A certified consultant will then inform you of your requested requirements.

Program/Activity Outcomes

Oxfam Canada Unwrapped focused on their business by opt-in the automated way of synchronizing the data from Shopify to Salesforce. The outcome they got was:

  1. Increase in leads
  2. Easily expanded their network
  3. Sync Shopify to Salesforce data automatically on a real-time basis
  4. Got the specific insights
  5. Expanded their business
  6. Saves the manual effort cost and time 
  7. Grown their business on good terms.


As a result, they sync Shopify Salesforce and expanded their business by focusing on specific insights. They were happy with the outcomes that fulfilled their business requirements. We got a valuable customer and also added good value to their business.

The certified Salesforce consultants are available to assist you with your queries via live chat or you can write us at [email protected]. We welcome the additional requirements if any you can discuss them with the Salesforce consulting service provider team.

 Additional Information

Make sure to include the following:

  1. Client: Oxfam Canada Unwrapper
  2. Industry: Non-Profit Organization
  3. Websites: 

Sync Shopify Salesforce using the connector. Get the connector from:

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