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    Case Study BrainPull

    How BrainPull Get a Solution to Increase Business Leads of MoMA with the Help of Webkul?

    Platform Salesforce
    Industry Other
    Country Italy

    In this success story, we are sharing how Webkul helped BrainPull in Shopify Salesforce integration to grow their client MoMA’s business.

    BrainPull is a Marketing company where all the members’ skills come together for strategic and creative projects. They provide strategic marketing advisors, and marketing execution and include in their services portfolio creative solutions, ranging from graphics to videomaking and photography.

    It is a certified Salesforce partner, providing its customer it tech integration, salesforce marketing services, and direct email marketing, with great attention to automation and AI tools.

    What Challenges Came Across in Synchronizing Data Between Shopify And Salesforce?


    BrainPull knows the importance of being together; he decided to get Shopify Salesforce integration done with Webkul professionals. This way, MoMA did its work efficiently and took its business to the next level. The togetherness of BrainPull and Webkul Salesforce consultants made it easier to work and fulfill all the requirements like integrations and customizations. So, BrainPull integrated the application eShopSync for Shopify on the client’s end (MoMA) to sync real-time Shopify data to Salesforce.

    How Did BrainPull Resolve MoMA’s Issue of Data Sync with the Help of Webkul Professionals?

    After analyzing the complete requirements, the Webkul team provided the customization service to BrainPull. The application helped MoMA sync real-time data from Shopify to Salesforce using our eShopSync for Shopify connector that is available on the eShopSync, Webkul Store, and Salesforce appexchange. Webkul also helped in configuring the software and customization of the application.

    The MoMA got many features and benefits with the integration. Some of them are as follows:-

    1. Field Mapping
    2. Customer sync as a Business account
    3. Draft Order Sync
    4. Inventory Management
    5. Record Type Mapping
    6. Order or Transaction fulfillment.

    What Results did the client (MoMA) of BrainPull get From Webkul?

    BrainPull’s client (MoMA) was very happy and satisfied with Webkul’s app and the services provided. Now the data can be synced conveniently to track the business sales, and also get to know where to focus within their business. If you are also looking for Salesforce products and services then hire our Salesforce team now or email [email protected].

    “Nishi Kaushik was very helpful in the last call and provided the configuration of eShopSync on my org.”
    Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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