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Case Study Alsumah Technology

Alsoma Tech – Bringing Global Brands of Electronic Products to the Libyan Market

Platform Adobe Commerce
Industry Electronics
Country Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Alsoma is a platform that provides several services to B2B and B2C sectors. In addition to that, Alsoma is transforming local licensing and partnership practices.

As a result, they partnered with the biggest international brands that had never been present in the Libyan market before.


Alsoma or Alsumah Technology is dedicated to the development of technical life in Libya. They serve as a link between international companies and Libyan markets.

A significant part of Alsoma’s business is in the field of electronic technology. In order to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable, they provide quality products and reliable guarantees.


Libiyan E-commerce Market

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic increases the demand for online shopping more than ever in the world.

In Libya, just 22% of the population use the internet and most of them don’t shop online anyway. Just 15% of the adult population and 23% of internet users in Libya bought something online in 2017, according to the most recent figures from the UN’s trade arm UNCTAD.

The above information is based on the acticle of


Alsumah technology is specialize in consumer electronics and is the most knowledgeable partner in this market segment in Libya.

Selling Electronic Products Online

Alsoma Tech has the vision to grow an excellent base of online commerce so that every consumer can buy their products through the internet.

In today’s era, technology is increasing day by day. Everybody is moving toward electronic products. In order to maintain their customer’s needs, Alsoma Tech has established an online store.


Alsoma Tech is a store based on Adobe Commerce, they offer a wide variety of electronic products from various different brands.

Alsoma Mobile App Design and Development

Ahmed Almantsri, IT Manager at Alsumah Technology has contacted Webkul for the mobile app development. Webkul offers mobile app development services for all popular e-commerce platforms including Magento2.

we check many magento extension providers and we found webkul is the best choice for us.

IT Manager at Alsoma Tech

Alsoma Tech was already running the online eCommerce store. With the help of Webkul, now their customers can shop through mobile. It also helps them to increase the number of customers.

after finishing these tasks, now I can tell that our app is much better with help of webkul.

IT Manager at Alsoma Tech

Customization in Mobile App

The client has requirements in designs such as edges, icons, etc. Webkul team did a few customizations for the client, so they can get the app as per their requirements. Also, we have added the Moamalat payment gateway into the mobile app.

we check many magento extension providers and we found webkul is the best choice for us. we asked them to add new features to our mobile apps

IT Manager at Alsoma Tech

Providing Space to Global Leaders in Libya

Alsomah Technology is merging with global leaders to bring electronic products into Libya’s B2B and B2C markets. With the help of our mobile application, now their customers will be able to purchase electronics from global brands through their mobile.

And now they are running their online business very smoothly and the Webkul team is always available for Alsomah Tech.

“They are very supportive and helpful, and more than that, they are very kind.”
Ahmed Almantsri
IT Manager
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
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