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Case Study Alkam Security

Transforming alkam-security into an E-commerce Powerhouse

Platform PrestaShop
Industry Electronics
Country Poland

Alkam Security, a leader in the security industry, is dedicated to providing high-quality security products and solutions. With a robust online presence through their website (, they offer a wide range of security systems, including surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control systems. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence has positioned them as a trusted name in the market.

Challenges Faced

As Alkam Security expanded its product offerings and customer base, they encountered several operational challenges:


To address these challenges, Alkam Security integrated several Webkul modules into their Prestashop-based e-commerce platform:

1. Prestashop Product Wise Payment

Alkam Security needed to restrict payment methods based on various criteria, such as product categories, suppliers, and customer groups.

The Prestashop Product Wise Payment module provided the perfect solution, enabling the restriction of payment methods based on products, categories, manufacturers, suppliers, cart range, and customer groups. 

Customization: Webkul went a step further by customizing this module to allow Alkam Security to restrict payment gateways for products with quantities below a set threshold. This customization ensured that high-value transactions could be processed securely, while smaller, riskier transactions could be limited to more secure payment methods.

2. Prestashop RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Efficiently managing product returns and exchanges was critical to maintaining customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

The Prestashop RMA module streamlined the return and exchange process by providing a comprehensive system for managing RMA requests. Customers could easily initiate returns or exchanges, and the Alkam Security team could handle these requests in an organized manner, ensuring quick resolutions and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

3. Prestashop Custom Registration Field

Collecting necessary customer information during registration was vital for Alkam Security to provide personalized services and targeted marketing.

The Prestashop Custom Registration Field module allowed them to add custom fields to the registration form. This enabled the collection of specific information required for better customer segmentation and service personalization, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Results and Benefits

The integration of Webkul’s modules brought significant improvements to Alkam Security’s operations:

The customized Product Wise Payment module provided precise control over payment methods, reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and improving payment processing efficiency.

The Prestashop RMA module improved the return and exchange process, leading to faster resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.

The Custom Registration Field module allowed Alkam Security to gather valuable customer data, enabling personalized marketing and improved customer service.


By leveraging Webkul’s modules, Alkam Security successfully overcame several operational challenges, resulting in a more secure, efficient, and customer-friendly online store. The customizations provided by Webkul tailored the solutions to meet Alkam Security’s specific needs, demonstrating the power of a well-integrated and customizable e-commerce platform. Today, Alkam Security continues to thrive, thanks in part to the robust and flexible tools provided by Webkul.

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