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Case Study Industville Limited

eShopSync for Shopify Delivering A Change to the Business Growth of Industville Limited

Platform Salesforce
Industry Electronics
Country United Kingdom

Industville Limited is an international company that manufactures and supplies handcrafted, high-quality furniture and lights. They were looking for an eCommerce Salesforce solution that can automate their work and they can get better insights and time to work more closely with their business. Let’s read the success story and see how the eShopSync for Shopify fulfills the requirements.

Requirements Raised by Industville Limited

  1. Installation, setup, and configuration.
  2. Sync historical data to Salesforce CRM automatically.
  3. Sync products, categories, warehouses, customers, and orders from Shopify to Salesforce smoothly.
  4. A Single dashboard for everything to manage it easily.
  5. Get real-time data updates at Salesforce’s end. 
  6. Correctly implemented synchronization process to automate campaigns.
  7. Increase in changing opportunities into leads.

Problem Overview

Industville decides to expand its eCommerce business on Shopify and also manage it using Salesforce CRM. Now they manually create records into their Salesforce account from their Shopify account. This took a lot of time and effort to sync all their data. This also leads to duplicate or wrong data records that result in wrong insights. So they decide to connect with a Salesforce ISV partner organization. 

Now Industville and Webkul connect and look into the problem. The solution Webkul offers to Industville is “eShopSync for Shopify”. This helps integrate Shopify with Salesforce CRM to sync data automatically on a real-time basis. The connector also prevents them from creating duplicate and wrong data records. Shopify Salesforce connector is the best way; it offers smooth and easy synchronization only after integration.

Program/Activity Description

They were facing issues in synchronizing error-free data automatically from the Shopify account to the Salesforce account. They bought the solution Shopify Salesforce Connector that helped them fulfill their requirements of processing all the records of their Shopify store to a Salesforce account. 

Webkul is a registered ISV partner of Salesforce, AppExchange Crest (Gold) partner, and Salesforce Ridge (Silver) consulting partner. They have made the Shopify and Salesforce integration that is also listed on AppExchnage as eShopSync for Shopify. This application is best suited to their business requirements. We work together to provide the best solutions that are developed by us. Our consultant team collects the client’s requirements and our developer team fulfills the requirements that are custom-made by the client.

The additional requirements raised by clients are first checked by the developer that what can be done and how then our certified consultants revert the decision to the client. After the solution, the client implement it and kept us updated with the results.

eShoSync for Shopify

Program/Activity Outcomes

As a result, Industville implemented Shopify Salesforce integration from Webkul that helped them in the following:

  1. Automated synchronization on a real-time basis.
  2. More reliable customer relationship management.
  3. Built dashboards and reports that allow data access in real-time by Industville Limited.
  4. Get real-time data synchronization as per the customizations required by their businesses.
  5. After sync, you can automate marketing campaigns.


There was an increase in the percentage of changing opportunities into leads which means they were successful in their expanded business. Webkul developed an ideal solution that is “eShopSync for Shopify” which allows users to sync their Shopify data to Salesforce. Custom report types enabled the customer to create even more thorough reports that fully represented the state of the accounts and opportunities, which helped with planning sales activities and decision-making. Role-based user access to the CRM data was made possible via user profiles and permission sets, which helped to adhere to the internal policies.

Additional Information

Make sure to include the following:

  1. Client: Industville Limited
  2. Industry: Electronics
  3. Website: 

You can get the Shopify and Salesforce connector from:

After purchase, read out the user guide for installation and setup of the Salesforce Shopify connector properly for a smooth process. For any problem connect with the certified Salesforce Consultant team who is always willing to assist you with the best solutions and give their best to resolve your issues. 

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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