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Case Study KEF Asia Pacific

What Challenges Were Faced by KEF Asia Pacific that Leads them to Shopify to use Salesforce Integration?

Platform Salesforce
Industry Electronics
Country Singapore

KEF Asia Pacific had many challenges while running their Shopify store that won’t let them grow their business to the next level. To know how they overcome their challenges using Shopify to Salesforce integration solution by Webkul; read out this success story.

That pledge is backed up by a series of innovations that spans more than 50 years; action matches words. Academic studies and patents both attest to decades of steady advancement, from the early usage of synthetic materials to our Reference Series, which still sets industry standards today. The core of a positive cycle that draws the world’s most talented acoustic engineers to KEF’s quest for excellent, better, and best is the company’s concentration on perfection.

We have produced outstanding, prize-winning speakers. KEF exists to fill spaces with music as it was meant to be heard and to stir souls with really authentic soundscapes. This is accomplished with our ground-breaking Uni-Q technology and our precedent-setting LS60 Wireless. We’re now including more individuals in our quest to understand the power of beautiful sound.

The goal of KEF is to offer sound with the least amount of processing possible, covering the whole audio spectrum from high to bass. The sound should be immersive enough for listeners to close their eyes and mentally transport themselves to the source. Natural sound, in our opinion, is the finest sound, and having access to it should be a right, not a privilege.

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that experience is everything. We’d like to think that KEF products speak for themselves because they combine our obsessions with acoustic authenticity and cutting-edge engineering.


What were the Challenges Faced by KEF Asia Pacific in Business that was Resolved by Webkul?

The challenges faced by KEF Asia Pacific were data synchronization, not having deep insights into business, don’t know which area requires more work done, managing inventory, and many more. 

They opt for the solution eShopSync for Shopify which makes a lot of difference in their working and business. This helped them in synchronizing their Shopify store data at Salesforce’s end which saved their manual efforts. This way they utilized their time on their business to grow at the next level. After using the connector they can easily manage everything at Salesforce’s end such as inventory management, insights reports in detail, and more.

What are the Features and Benefits they got that Helped them Overcome their Challenges?

The Shopify to Salesforce integration made a huge difference with its unique features and benefits. Using the connector they have done manual synchronization of historical data and also turned on the real-time synchronization for real-time data. All this was done in a hassle-free environment without any duplicate records and issues. They also get to know the error or problem if any while synchronizing the data in the Logs section.


The features were:-

  1. Real-time synchronization.
  2. Field Mapping to sync the data properly under the correct rows and columns.
  3. You can easily sync Products with their variants.
  4. The Customers synced as a Person and Business accounts at Salesforce.
  5. Sync Product images to the Salesforce Notes and Attachments of the Product.
  6. Choose the price book and sync Products accordingly.
  7. Convert Opportunities into Leads by using abandoned cart details.
  8. Sync all your draft Orders you can do it on a conditional basis. 
  9. Inventory Management- Sync Inventory Product item data, locations, and levels.

The benefits that they got were:-

  1. They saved their time.
  2. No manual efforts.
  3. Real-time data sync in a problem-free environment.
  4. Decreases the chances of having errors.
  5. No duplicate records as it uses Matching criteria.

The Shopify Salesforce connector is available on eShopSync, Webkul store, and Salesforce Appexchange.

What were the Results After Using the Shopify Salesforce Connector?

As a result, the KEF Asia Pacific was on the 7th cloud after using the Shopify to Salesforce integration. Their work time decreases and they invested it in their business and changed opportunity into the lead. You can also get the benefits of using this connector so get it now. For any queries connect with Salesforce consultant experts or write us at [email protected].

Disclaimer – Please note all the images and content used in this article belong to their respective copyright owners. If you have any issues or complaints related to this article, please send us an email at [email protected].
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