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    Buy Button: The Dynamics Of Checkout

    Updated 21 January 2020

    For ages, we have been constantly looking forward to making the shopping experience much more simpler & effortless. Most eCommerce websites now have the ‘Buy Now‘ button to make the check out process more dynamic & short!

    Dynamic Checkout: Customers can skip the cart and go directly to the checkout page just by hitting the ‘Buy Now’ button instead of ‘Add to Cart’. Thus, making the purchasing time short & less hectic.

    Well, good for online store owners but what if artists, bloggers, and others who aren’t running full-fledged ecommerce businesses but want to sell products under their niche?
    What if they have more traffic on their other website as compared to their online store?
    So here comes the savior Buy Button!

    The whole process of clicking away to another page and then making the purchase has now been turned down with the Shopify Buy Buttons.

    Shopify Buy Button lets merchants generate an embeddable product card and check out that can be placed on any type of website. The goal is to give your customers a frictionless shopping experience!

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    Buy Button is basically a shortcut to buy one of your products. Customers don’t need to go to a separate page to finalize their order.
    The Buy Button will display information like product picture, description, price, and a way to check out and purchase that product without leaving the website. Moreover, any updates made on your Shopify store products will be reflected on the Buy Button end too.

    Add eCommerce to:

    • Squarespace
    • WordPress
    • Tumblr
    • Wix
    • Weebly

    Embed Buy Button on the following pages:

    • Anywhere on your website, be it the header, footer, side panels, or even within your content.
    • Landing Page of your website.
    • Error pages (like 404 pages).

    Facts regarding Shopify Buy Button:

    • The Buy Button sales channel is used to create Buy Buttons.
    • The Buy Button sales channel is included in all Shopify plans.
    • Buy Button orders can be tracked from your Shopify admin.
    • Use the Buy Button channel to create checkout links that you can then share with customers. This link can be sent via email, direct message, or over the social media post.
    • Shopify generates the embed code to display your products exactly the way you want. That is, you can customize colors to match your website’s theme.
    • Buy Button is a mobile-friendly and secure concept to enhance the shopping experience.
    • Buy Button can’t be added to the Shopify storefront as it may disturb the Shopify checkout process.

    How to add the Buy Button sales channel?

     Create a Buy Button or embedded cart by adding the Buy Button Sales Channel to your Shopify store.

    1. Visit Shopify admin, click the + button beside the Sales channels.
    2. On the Add sales channel pop-up, click on + button beside the Buy Button menu.

    Creating a Buy Button

    Click on the Buy Button sales channel and then on the redirected page, click on ‘Create a Buy Button‘.


    Here, you’ll get the option to create these two types of buy buttons:

    • Product Buy Button
    • Collection Buy Button


    Clicking on this, you’ll get a pop-up to select the product for which you want to make a buy button. Moreover, you can customize it by changing the layout style, button style, select the button type, etc.


    Clicking on ‘Next‘ will take you to the ‘Copy Code‘ page. Refer:


    From here, you can copy the code to embed the buy button on any website you want. Moreover, you’ll have an option to directly share the buy button on suggested platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix).


    Similarly, you can add & customize the buy button for your store’s collection. Refer:


    Clicking on next will let you copy the embed code or directly share on suggested platforms.


    Add Buy Buttons to your other sites & have a rev in your revenues!

    Looking for plugins to amp up your Shopify stores? – click here. You can drop your query at [email protected] or raise a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    Until next time. ­čĹő

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