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    BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping

    BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping->

    AliExpress is a very popular e-commerce business marketplace. Store owners can sell AliExpress products to their customers without actually stocking the items themselves. Therefore, the merchant purchases product ordered by a customer from AliExpress to fulfill the orders of customers. So, to integrate your BigCommerce store to AliExpress, ” BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping” is developed.

    By using our “BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping”, an admin can import products along with its options, description and other details into his BigCommerce store. Therefore, he can start selling those products on his own store very easily without managing the products to his store. Once the Order has been placed on BigCommerce store, admin can place that order on AliExpress on a single click. Further, admin has the functionality to update the product prices via “Price Rule”. And also other product details after importing the product to the store. After he/she receives the order of the imported product, he places the same order on AliExpress. And, gets it shipped directly from their warehouse to the customer.

    Important Note:
      1. For importing products from AliExpress website, you need to install BigCommerce AliExpress Importer extension in your Google Chrome web browser. For it, you can add the extension and install it from here
      2. AliExpress Currency and BigCommerce store Currency should be the same.

    Features of BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping->

    General Features:
    • Functionality to import products from AliExpress product page to your BigCommerce store.
    • A custom built AliExpress Importer Chrome Browser Extension is available on Chrome extension store.
    • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.
    Product Import Features:
    • Imports products with details like Product Name, Price, metadata, main image, additional image, options, and product details.
    • Functionality to set a default category to which products get imported from AliExpress.
    Product Options Feature:
    • Import products with various options along with the images.
     Product Data Update Feature:
    • An admin can modify the data of the product like Name, Price, Metadata while importing from AliExpress.
    Price Rule Features:
    • Admin can increment or decrement the price of products through “Price Rule”.
    • Set the “Price Rule” value in %.
    Order Automation Features:
    • Admin can place orders on AliExpress by a single click if any order for imported products is created on BigCommerce.
    • All steps from adding the product into the cart and entering the shipping information have been automated.

    Updated Features->

    • Admin can select the product details to import as per his requirement.
    • Admin has the functionality to select the product’s images and options to import.
    • Functionality to import AliExpress products along with the available inventory.
    • Functionality to import AliExpress products variants within the stock.
    • Option to set the SKU prefix to AliExpress imported products as per choice.

    Video Tutorials->

    Installation Of Chrome Extension->

    Firstly, You need to install “BigCommerce AliExpress Importer” extension on your Google Chrome browser for importing the products. Click here to download the chrome extension.

    After clicking the “Add to Chrome” button, the extension will be added to the Chrome browser. Consequently, when you will go to the product page of the AliExpress you will find a blue icon to “Update Authentication Data”. Therefore, this helps to validate the data in order to import products into your BigCommerce Store.

    Flow Of Installation And Configuration->


    Firstly, Login to the Backend panel of your BigCommerce store. Secondly, go to “Apps” and find “AliExpress Product Importer”. After that, click on the application then click on “Install”.


    Further, click on “Confirm” to confirm the installation.


    After that, configure the settings of the application as given below:


    Go to the settings section of your app. You will find the “Endpoint” and “Token” in the “Authentication Settings”. Enter these values at AliExpress end, to validate the data from AliExpress. Meanwhile, admin can also regenerate the token to authenticate. And, he can “increment” Or “decrement” the products price through “Price Rule”, that are imported from AliExpress. Set the default category to which AliExpress products get imported, and click on “Save”.


    Admin can view the complete details about his store in the Dashboard. Admin can view the current subscription and manage the transaction and subscription. Also, the view of the settings done in the application is provided. Meanwhile, it shows the recent ten AliExpress imported products and orders in the Dashboard.

    How to import products from AliExpress->

    Visit the AliExpress website. Further, while hovering your mouse you can see the blue icon for “Update Authentication Data”. This helps to validate data in order to import products from AliExpress. Just click that icon on the AliExpress product page to import the products to your store.

    After that, enter the “Endpoint URL” and “Token” from your BigCommerce app settings to validate the data.

    Once you have completed the validation, admin can import products from AliExpress product page to your BigCommerce store.

    Further, after clicking on the “import” icon, admin can find the following details to import along with the products:

    1. Under the Basic tab, admin can select the details of the products which will be imported on BigCommerce. So, admin can import the details like “Metadata”, “Product Images”, “Specifications” and “Description”. And, the price can also be imported along with the product as “Original price” or “Discounted price”.
    Specification and Description of a product will be imported in a single field. i.e. both will be imported in the Description field.

    2. Under the Details tab, admin can find product’s details like Name, Price, Meta Title & Description, and Meta Tag keywords. So, admin can edit the details of the imported products from here.

    3. Under Additional tab, admin can select the product’s variants which will import on BigCommerce. Most importantly, minimum one product variant needs to be chosen to import.


    When products are imported, an admin can view the imported products in the product section at the backend. So, admin can edit, view and delete imported products from here.

    Front End View->

    Given below is the front end view of imported product from AliExpress. A customer can view the details of the imported product and order the product from BigCommerce store.

    Here you can view that product imported from AliExpress to your BigCommerce store. Product imported with the details like Product Name, Price, metadata, main image, additional image, options, and product description.


    When a customer places an order for product imported from AliExpress, admin can find the details of order from the backend. Therefore, admin can edit, delete or place this order to AliExpress.

    After clicking “Place Order”, an admin will be redirected to AliExpress site. Therefore, admin can order of the same product which a customer has ordered from BigCommerce store.

    Further, clicking on “Add to Cart” to place the order, admin can view the BigCommerce Order details at checkout.

    After Review order, admin can do the payment through the selected payment method and place an order to AliExpress.

    My Subscription:

    Subscription: An admin can view the current plan details under “Subscription”. So, admin can upgrade the current plan by clicking on “Upgrade plan”.

    After clicking on “Upgrade plan”, admin can find the various plan and can select the plan as per his choice.

    Transaction: Admin can view the list of all the transaction of the store.

    My Company:

    Company Profile: Here you can find the details about the company.

    Company settings In this section, you can synchronize the settings from BigCommerce store.

    That’s the way how orders placed at AliExpress End.


    That’s all for BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping, Still, have an issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the application better


    Current Product Version - 1.0

    Supported Framework Version - BigCommerce

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