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    How to install the unpacked extension in Chrome

    To install extension manually you need to unzip the extension first. Follow the steps to load the unpacked extension.

    • Goto Chrome Settings using three dots on the top right corner.
    • Then Select Extensions.

      You may directly open extensions using chrome://extensions
    • Now, Enable developer mode
    • Click on Load Unpacked and select your Unzip folder.

      Note: You need to select the folder in which the manifest file exists. In the screenshot, we have selected the installer folder inside Unzipped folder as it is the installer folder for our extension.
    • The extension will be installed now.

    Sample Manifest file

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  • Prashant
    Hey Arjun, thank you for this amazing article, I am trying to do just one thing, I just want to make a simple extension that that just acts as website shortcuts, I just click on it and it opens the website. can you please tell me the command or line of code that I need for this to happen, right now I modified your extension to show my desired icon but I can’t put in the website URL successfully, can you please have a look, thank you

    I am trying to use this code from labnol website ( but the problem is it shows as an app and not as an extension, I want it to show in the URL bar, other than that it does everything else)

    “name”: “Your website name”,
    “description”: “Your website description in 132 characters or less.”,
    “app”: {
    “urls”: [“”],
    “launch”: {
    “web_url”: “”
    “manifest_version”: 2,
    “update_url”: “”,
    “version”: “0.1”,
    “icons”: {
    “128”: “icon.png”

    Your extension code shows in the icon but I can’t seem to figure out how to put in a website URL 😥

    • Arjun Singh

      One way is to add popup to your extension icon and then provide information,link or button in popup.
      To add popup, add below code to manifest
      "browser_action": {
      "default_title": "title display when user hover on icon",
      "default_icon": "your app icon",
      "default_popup": "popup.html"

      and add popup.html parallel to manifest file.

  • Tyler
    can i use firefox with this? PLease help
    • Arjun Singh
      No, this is only for chrome.
  • Dan
    how do I unzip it sorry I’m definitely not good at this stuff lmao
    • Arjun Singh
      To unzip, right click on the zip file and check for extract option if no option found you need to install zip extractor(example winzip) on your system.
  • sup
    how do you open the hack on krunker
    • Arjun Singh
      For issues related to krunker, please communicate the author of the extension.
  • Magnus
    Ummm, i did everything but i dont have the specific key to open the cheat. Can i edit it?
    • Arjun Singh
      For issues related to krunker, please communicate the author of the extension.
  • Luke
    I get the “krunker skid” tap thing on the side of the krunker game, but the aimbot, and auto reload, etc are toggled off. I am not sure how to toggle them on. Please help me with this, it would be greatly appriciated.
    • Arjun Singh
      First of all, This post is only to show how to install extension not on chrome store. If you are having issues with any downloaded extension you should communicate to the extension author.
      I check the ‘krunker skid’ extension this is not developed by Webkul please communicate the author for any issues.
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