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    How To Add IP In Opencart’s Rest API

    In our previous blog :  , we learnt about the login process of opencart api’s . Today we will learn , how to add the ip address in the opencart api .

    The process is very simple , we just need to go to System->Users->API and then click on edit api and go to IP Addresses tab . Here you can add the IP .

    After adding the IP address , we just need to click save and IP address will be saved .

    Now the question comes that why we need to add the IP address in the opencart API ? The reason is that without adding the IP address , we can not login with the api whether we are providing the correct key or not . You can easily understood this by following code file :

    The main reason behind the scene is to increase the security . For example if any how , some one got the api key , then also he/she can not login with the api and your data is safe . So the all process is done for the security purpose and to remove the chances of the theft of data .

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  • Harish Kadli
    Can we check this api using using postman ? if yes, what’s the url i need to give
  • Harish Kadli
    Just wanted to know that, how to check the api is working fine or not. I am using postman to check this api and its showing some fetal error “Class ‘Controller’ not found in”.
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