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    Add Free Gifts to Cart on Every Purchase

    Don’t wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to implement strategies that could turn your shoppers into big spenders.

    Start TODAY, start NOW!

    The most widely used practice by store owners is to delight customers with free gifts. The concept is simple, the customer purchases above a certain amount and the free gift gets added to the cart automatically.

    Three good reasons why you should implement this strategy on your store

    • Maintain an average order value in your store.
    • Promote newly launched product samples by sending them away as freebies.
    • Keep the dead-stock/low-demanding products moving by adding them as gifts in your customer’s cart.
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    The whole idea of adding gifts to your customers’ carts will actually help you balance out your store’s sales statics (if done right).

    Let’s check out some points that you’ll need to keep in mind before implementing the same!

    Few Considerations before you add free gifts to the carts

    Decide a reasonable cart amount

    By setting a defined cart amount to be eligible for free gifts, you are encouraging your customers to spend more. But make sure customers can sensibly reach that based on your products’ prices. In other words, the amount shouldn’t exceed much.

    It’s recommended to increase it by 10-15% of the overall average order value.

    Offer what your customers actually want

    Offer relatable category of free gifts and of enough value. The free gifts should motivate your customers to buy products.

    For instance, if you are offering a free pen with a purchase worth of $400 then what’s the point!
    The complete point will be stupid and it will be hard for your customers to hit the threshold.

    Here are some ideas that you can refer to:

    • Buy the stationary kit & get a notebook free.
    • Purchase 2 coffee packs & get a free coffee mug.
    • Spend $100 on cosmetic products & get a free salon coupon.

    Make the deals according to your business needs & it’ll work magically.

    Let your visitors know you’re giving away freebies

    Visitors ain’t gonna add products to their cart first and then check if you are offering any free gifts. You need to keep them posted either by displaying banners on your homepage/landing page or by sending out emails. You can also promote by sharing the same on social media.

    The Gift on Order App for Shopify lets you display a welcome pop-up with a promotional message. This will help your visitors know that such an offer is going on in the store.

    Ensure the shipping rates remain unaffected

    Make sure that the free gift items are small & lightweight in general. This won’t impact the shipping cost drastically.

    You should keep this point under check when you are setting the minimum cart amount.

    How to setup this functionality on the Shopify store?

    Now you know what products you should offer as free gifts & what to keep in mind while doing so. Let’s see how you can set this offer on your Shopify store.

    We recommend you to check out the Gift on Order App for Shopify. This is serving multiple Shopify store owners to achieve the same functionality in their stores.

    Install the app on your Shopify store, follow this installation & configuration tutorial and get the offers up & running!

    Need Help?

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