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Adapt Headless and microServices to build agile architecture

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Headless and microServices

In traditional monolithic architectures, the entire components, functions, and operations of an app are tightly packed together like a big yarn ball, which makes it really hard to tweak and perform frequent updates and changes. It is a big heck in terms of scalability, as well as code flexibility.

In monolithic architectures If one component gets broken while an update it will impact the entire app and probably app will fallout. A complex architecture packs everything together which is heck to performance as if one unit of the system faces a bug the entire system will face the consequences.

This is where Headless architecture comes into the play with the perks of microServices. Headless architecture is a paradigm which states every component or a function of the rigid app should be processed as an individual building unit, and the building unit is called a microService.

microServices works on the top of APIs which makes it agile, independent, scalable and in specific a boon to the system performance.

As microServices comes with “Create APIs First”, It empowers the OmniChannel methodology. APIs can be used to deliver data across different channels or mediums like mobile apps, online eCommerce Store, VR Apps, etc.

Any dev process or templating can be adapted to build the user upfront using the microServices APIs, which extends the app beyond the boundaries of a specific platform or technology. microServices give the developer a total control over the app data and let them create the presentation layers they wish for their user’s needs.

The world is changing at the faster pace, and so are the medium of user’s outreach. Today users are accessing data from a different set of mediums and devices. If you are not still delivering the services across a different set of devices, possibly you are missing out the big opportunities.

The omnichannel approach is driven by content first paradigm. OmniChannel approach wins over traditional flow, as Omnichannel brings out the idea of bringing it all together and interconnected.

How we can help?

We are a team of people who truly understand how things work in the real app scenarios. We highly recommend the enterprises to adopt the microServices architecture over the monolithic approach and go completely headless to let their users connected in a more unified way.

We can help you to get started or migrating your business to microServices or Headless architecture. Drop us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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