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    yarn run webpack issues in Akeneo

    Updated 14 August 2018

    Webpack is module builder in JavaScript which is used to server single file to the browser instead of multiple different files.
    Webpack is also npm dependency in Akeneo. if webpack is not present then you may not modify/customize Akeneo views and UI.

    Rebuild webpack bundle
    Whenever js or view files are added or updated in Akeneo. then the user need to rebuild webpack files by running the command

    yarn run webpack


    But when webpack is not installed. User may get an error like in the image below

    webpack error: permission denied

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    So, the solution is to add webpack to npm packages by running the following commands from Akeneo installation directory

    npm install --save-dev webpack
    npm install
    yarn run webpack
    After running these commands
    webpack dependency would also be added in the packages.json
      "name": "pim-community-dev",
      "description": "Akeneo PIM Application",
      "homepage": "",
      "scripts": {
        "webpack": "webpack --config webpack.config.js --env=prod",


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