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    Workflow – Delivery Slot Management App for Shopify

    Updated 6 August 2021


    Delivery Slot Management App allows merchants to add delivery methods & create slots for the Shopify store’s products. Thus, the customer can select their preferred delivery timings to get the item delivered.

    Offer seamless on-time scheduled delivery service to the customers that drive more online sales.

    So, here is the Guide to help You with the App Installation & Configuration. Have a look at the Complete Workflow of both Admin & Customer End.


    To install the Delivery Slot Management app to Your Shopify Store, Visit the Shopify App Store.

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    Go to Shopify App Store.
    Search for the Delivery Slot Management App
    Click on Add App button.

    Now, approve the app charge and add it to Your Shopify Store.

    Workflow – ADMIN PANEL

    As soon as you install the app, you can view the same in the Apps section of Your Shopify Store.

    delivery slot

    Now, clicking the App, you will be redirected to the Delivery Methods section of the app.
    Proceed to add delivery methods first.

    All the delivery methods that you add, get listed in this section. If required, you can change the status, edit or delete delivery methods.


    add delivery method- delivery slot management app

    Click Add Delivery Method button.
    Now, enter Delivery Method Title, Enable/Disable status, Assign Delivery Slot to the delivery method.

    delivery slot management app


    After adding the delivery methods, proceed to create delivery slots.

    delivery slot management app - delivery slot

    Click Add Delivery Slot button.
    Now, redirecting to the Product Information section, enter the title, manage status, select delivery type.

    delivery slot management app

    Single User Delivery: Select this delivery type if you want to allow only one customer to book a slot at a time.

    Multi-User Delivery: Select if you want to offer the same time or date slot to multiple customers. Thus, You can allow more than one customer to book a single slot at a time.

    Now, Go to the Availability section. Then, select if you want Fixed Day Delivery OR On-time Delivery.


    Fixed Day Delivery: Select a date range and enable the days to choose for deliveries.

    Also, On-time Delivery: Let customers choose delivery timings based on their availability.

    Now, to enter the delivery slot details, click the Form button after selecting the delivery type.

    Delivery Type


    A dedicated section to manage all the delivery-related configurations in the app.

    General Configuration: Configure your organization name, email, timezone.

    delivery slot management app

    Delivery Configuration: Configure no. of days you want to make slots available in the future. Also, auto approve delivery & reschedule.

    delivery slot management app- delivery

    Email Configuration: Moreover, you can configure the email template as per your requirement.

    delivery slot management app- email

    Configure Delivery Widget: From this section, you can choose where to show the delivery widget i.e. product page, cart page, or order page.

    Moreover, set the Preparation Time. It is the time required to prepare the item to get it delivered to its destination.

    Also, enable the toggle if you want to show the timezone selector on the delivery widget. Then, get an option to set date & time format as well.

    delivery slot management app

    Last, but not least. Label Configuration: Configure the labels of your storefront.

    delivery slot management app


    To show the delivery widget, you need to first add the codes to the liquid files. Visit the Front Configuration section.

    delivery slot management app

    To display widget on the product page, add the below codes:

    <!-- Delivery product page snippet --> {% if shop.metafields.dsm_widget and shop.metafields.dsm_widget.dsm_widget_allow_page and shop.metafields.dsm_widget.dsm_widget_allow_page == 'Product Page' %}{% include 'dsm-product-widget' %}{% endif %} <!-- End of delivery product page snippet -->

    Now, once codes are added, this is how the widget appears on the product page:-

    delivery slot management app

    Also, to display the widget on the cart page, add the below codes:

    <!-- Delivery snippet --> {% if shop.metafields.dsm_widget == null or shop.metafields.dsm_widget.dsm_widget_allow_page == null or shop.metafields.dsm_widget.dsm_widget_allow_page == 'Cart Page' %}{% include 'dsm-widget' %}{% endif %} <!-- End of delivery snippet -->

    Delivery Widget on Cart Page

    delivery slot management app

    Now, to show the delivery details on the customer’s My Account section, you need to add the below codes:

    <!-- Delivery Order snippet --> {% include 'dsm-order-widget' %} <!-- End of Delivery order snippet -->

    Customer End

    So, after adding the codes, this is how the delivery details appear:

    delivery slot management app

    Customers can view the complete delivery details. Moreover, they can request the admin to reschedule the deliveries.

    delivery slot management app

    Manage Deliveries in the App

    All the scheduled delivery order requests can be managed with ease via the app.
    For this, visit the Deliveries section.
    Then, select a delivery out of all delivery requests from customers.
    Click the Edit Delivery button to manage delivery.

    delivery slot management

    From here, you can approve or reschedule customer’s deliveries with ease.

    delivery slot management app

    Dashboard To Track Delivery Records

    delivery slot management app

    To know about the app in detail, please refer to this guide:


    Additionally, check the Demo here:


    If you need any kind of support, just raise a ticket at 
    Moreover, you can contact [email protected] to get proper assistance.

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