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    How To Manage Scheduled Deliveries on Online Marketplace?

    Updated 11 August 2021

    Everything you need to know about offering scheduled deliveries on an online marketplace in 2021-22!


    If you are planning to start your own delivery-based business, you definitely need the right tool to offer flawless deliveries to the customers. Later on, if you convert your web store into an online marketplace, the delivery management should be prioritized beforehand.

    Fact Check: According to’s report, the global online food delivery packaging market exhibited strong growth during 2015-2020. Looking forward, the publisher expects the global online food delivery packaging market to grow at a CAGR of around 10% during forecast period (2021-2026).

    Each marketplace has its own requirement to manage deliveries depending on the industry, business model, and the product you sell. Ultimately, what matters the most is a seamless on-time delivery service to the customers that drive more online sales.

    Now, once a buyer validates an order on a marketplace, you will be responsible to send the product within the stated lead time.

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    So, here comes the role of a reliable delivery management system that creates masses of opportunities for your marketplace sellers to add extra value to your brand.

    What is Scheduled Delivery?

    A scheduled delivery is basically a delivery option that allows customers to select the date and time of delivery. It offers flexibility for customers to choose the date & time of shipment and thus, get the items delivered on their choices.

    Benefits of offering scheduled deliveries on an online marketplace

    • Let merchants manage and run delivery-based businesses efficiently.
    • Customers will get to know their estimated arrival time of delivery.
    • Moreover, have transparency in the order delivery process.
    • Seamless scheduling option for customers and have clarity in arrival and delivery time.
    • Rescheduled delivery dates for the customers to update the date & time of shipment.
    • Multiple delivery methods added by the vendors of your marketplace.
    • Also, the registered vendors have access to add delivery slots to their products offered on your marketplace.
    • Additionally, the vendors will have this ultimate option to deliver orders in more optimized and planned way.

    Challenges You Might Face

    As COVID-19 has become an integral part of our lives in the past few months, a sudden change in consumer behavior trends can’t go unnoticed. 

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    So, better know the customer requirement in the present scenario, do the right analysis and offer the deliveries.

    Secondly, You may have a huge increment in the number of orders received in your store. So, ensure that you’re ready to handle a larger number of deliveries. “A simplified delivery management tool is a must”.

    Now, to get rid of all the difficulties in managing customer deliveries, the Delivery Slot Management app is a prominent solution for the Shopify platform. 

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    Benefits of Using Shopify

    Listing some of the points why Shopify is one of the topmost eCommerce platforms for beginners:-

    • Merchant can effortlessly create an online store in a few minutes.
    • No coding skills required.
    • Thus, no need to be an expert in coding and web development.
    • Shopify offers unlimited Free and paid themes.
    • Additionally, merchant can edit the theme code and easily customize the look and feel of the online store.
    • Most importantly, Shopify is cloud-based i.e. hosted on the web. You just need an internet connection to run your store.
    • Moreover, no software upgrade & maintenance is required.
    • Also, no need to hire developers for adding codes to the store theme as you can do it on your own just with a basic understanding of liquids.
    • Shopify’s 90 Days Free Trial comes as an opportunity for the merchants who want to start a new business amid COVID-19!
    • As the Shopify template themes are written in Liquid, You just need to learn liquid to have a better experience with Shopify.

    Software as a Solution

    Now, if you are all set to go with Shopify, Delivery Slot Management app will help you to take the uncertainty out of the order delivery process. It is basically a simplified delivery date schedule app. It allows your customers to select a delivery method & time slot when they wish to get the item to their address.

    Steps To Manage Deliveries on Marketplace:-

    Step One:-

    Install the Multi-vendor Marketplace to your Shopify store and register sellers. Get the Delivery Slot Management App also.

    Step Two:-

    Visit the Multi-vendor admin panel and go to the “Featured App” section to enable Delivery Slot Management feature for the sellers.

    Step Three:-

    Sellers can add their own delivery methods and create slots for the customers. Here are the available Delivery Options For Sellers: On-time delivery & Fixed-day delivery.

    Additionally, merchants can manage the delivery methods & slots from the Shopify Delivery Slot Management App admin panel.

    Step Four:-

    Auto-inject codes in a click to display the delivery widget for the customers.

    Step Five:-

    Now, get delivery requests from the customers and deliver items on customer’s choices.

    So, this is how you can manage scheduled deliveries on your multi-vendor marketplace. Here, the sellers will be responsible to take care of the order deliveries for their respective brands. You, on the other hand, increase traffic and exposure on your online marketplace.

    Check Out the Detailed Guide of Delivery Slot Management App For Sellers & offer Scheduled Deliveries!

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    Hope you find this article helpful! Please let me know in the comment section below.

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