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    PWA Lite for WordPress

    PWA Lite for WordPress is the best answer to the queries of a blogging website owner. It allows quick and easy reading of blogs.

    Nowadays people are spending maximum time using smartphones. Thus, to encourage the same we are having PWA for WordPress.

    This application will allow the reader to read the blogs on PWA. Henceforth, removing the requirement of struggle with massive websites.

    Enhanced Reader Engagement

    The PWA lite for WordPress will now allow the reader can take advantage of multiple user functionalities.

    PWA with its impressive user experience will take the technology to the next level. Thus, saving the user from janky scrolling and slow response rates.

    Customizable PWA lite for WordPress

    The store owner can now edit the theme of the application without any hassle. The module gives the functionality in the backend to achieve the same.

    With a responsive theme of the website, the PWA functions in the best way. Hence, the store owner can set the color to make it relevant as per-requirement.

    Offline Mode

    The PWA is bestowed with the functionality of service workers. This allows the user to access the functionality even in offline mode.

    Thus, the reader can now access pre-loaded blogs anytime and anywhere. This will allow the blog reading much easy for the user.

    Hence, this functionality is useful in case the user is a frequent traveler.

    Notifications Via PWA lite for WordPress

    The store owner can share the notification with the user. Thus, allowing the customer to remain updated about all the activities on the website.

    The admin can create notifications for the blogs that pop-up on the customer screen. Henceforth, the customer can click on them to read the text related to it.

    So, that’s all for the module, for any question/query, please raise a Ticket at our HelpDesk system. We are always happy to help you out. You can also get back to us via mail

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