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WordPress Facebook Event

Updated 24 April 2015

Facebook event plugin will grab your Facebook events and display it in your website. You just need to put the Facebook page id or group id that’s it


Plugin have endless utilities, brilliant features are listed below

  • All browser compatible (IE7+, FF, Chrome etc).
  • Graph API usage.
  • Fast Loading and Sleek.
  • Option to set the height.
  • Option to change the background color and hover color.

How To Get Access Token

Get Access Token

page id/group id

For create the access token you need to go to that link
And Follow the Pdf

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WordPress Company ?
Find out More

if you have any trouble then Please follow the video tutorial

How to get Facebook Page id

First Goto your facebook page,Check the url above it is like this ‘’ then your_page_name is webkul then make this url ‘’

Note that in this case your_page_name is webkul .which is differ in your case .
then you will get data like below screenshot. the first id is your facebook page id like you can see in screenshot.

How to get Facebook Group id

First Goto your facebook group,Right click on the page and then click on ‘View page source’ that is open view page source. as see in below sceenshot.

press cntrl+f and the find group_id ,then you will see like this
‘group_id=774259955924694’ this numeric number ‘774259955924694’ is you group id. Please check below screenshot.

Note**:- If you want to Show your group events Only then Make Sure the Event created is for group only Otherwise the created event in group will show in owner(user created) Profile not in group. For more details see the below snapshot.

You can use plugin by saving setting and for this way you can use the widget by pasting this code on the page short code is “[widget_facebook_event]”

Backend Snapshots:

That’s all for the WordPress Facebook Event plugin, still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

Current Product Version - 1.0

Supported Framework Version - 3.2 above

. . .

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