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WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS -User Guide

Updated 30 April 2024

WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS allow the kitchen user to start preparing the food after getting the order from POS users. Kitchen users can set the status to hold, preparing, complete, or send.

WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS helps customer to track their orders that food is in preparing mode or completed. Customers can also enjoy their food as dine-in service or take-away.

This plugin is an add-on to WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sale. To use this plugin, you must install WooCommerce Restaurant Point of Sale first.

Also, this plugin can work without the Restaurant POS only for Takeway Mode Kitchen POS.

Note :

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This plugin is compatible with WooCommerce’s new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature.
WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS is compatible with POS Thermal Printer.

Features of WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS

  • The admin can update the slider image on the customer screen.
  • POS users can create the order in dine-in or take-away mode and send the order to the kitchen for preparation.
  • Kitchen users can manage the status or order like on hold, preparing, completed, or send.
  • Customer can see their order status on the customer screen.
  • POS users can release the table if the customer is not available.
  • In take away, mode customer needs to do a payment first before sending it to kitchen users.
  • In dine-in mode, POS users need to select the table first.

Check the overview of the Plugin in the video below:



The user will get a zip file that he has to upload in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress admin panel.

For this, login to the WordPress admin panel, and then under the dashboard, hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option which brings out a Sub-Menu and then select the “Add New” option.

installation -1

After this, you will see an option on the top of your page that is “Upload Plugin”, Now clicks the option to upload the zip file.

upload plugin

By clicking on the “Upload Plugin” option, below that you will see a button “Choose File” click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the snapshot below.

choose file

After browsing the file, click the “Install Now” button to install the plugin as per the snapshot.


Admin Workflow-WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS

The admin can reserve a table after making complete POS settings for General, Customer, Payment, Printer, Appearance, Endpoints, and POS Mass Assign tabs as described here.

Now, the store admin will navigate through Restaurant POS>Settings to set the kitchen and screen settings as shown in the screenshots:


The admin can configure the settings which include:

Firebase Setting

For getting the required keys as shown in the above-shown screenshot admin will have to create the keys through firebase and for that admin can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Admin will have to first log in to firebase with their Gmail account and get started to add a project.


When adding the project the admin need to set the project name as shown below.


Now enable google analytics and click on continue.

Admin can either use the default firebase account or create a new one.


Once you create the project, it will show a message as shown below.


After you click on continue you will see the page as shown below.


You will have to click on the Web App to be set as marked on the above-attached screenshot followed by opening a form as shown in below attached screenshot and filling the form.


Once you do so you will see that it will open the Add Firebase SDK section as shown below you will find all the keys and you can click on continue to console as shown in below.


Once you continue to console it will redirect you to another page where you can see all the details listed as given in above attached screenshot. If you want, you can also navigate to project overview>project setting>general as shown in the below-attached screenshot.


Now you will find all the required keys in the Firebase Settings and copy them to the wooCommerce Customer cart screen configuration.

1. In free version has only 100 connections

2. has only 1 GB of Storage

3. 360 MB download/day

For complete plan details, the admin can also check the firebase pricing.

Note: You need to add the firebase setting to view the live configuration of the Restaurant POS kitchen and customer screen.

Main Slider Settings

Now the admin can view the Outlet List after clicking on Restaurant POS>Outlet and can edit the details for any outlets. Also, the admin can add a new outlet.


After clicking on the Open button you can view the customer screen for the outlet.


In the Customer Screen tab, the admin can edit the customer screen configuration:

Preparing Text: The admin can set the text that is visible to the customer while the order is in preparation mode.

Completed Text: The test is visible to the customer when the order is sent to the customer.

Customer Screen Visible Status: The admin allows customers can view the status of the order or not.

Enable Video Option: The admin can enable the option to add video on the customer screen.

Customer screen video: The admin can upload the video for the customer screen.

Image Display Mode: Images will be displayed as portraits or landscapes for the customer screen.

Side image: The admin can update the side image for the customer screen.

Slideshow Card Images: Card slider images need to upload when the admin wants to upload a video.

Slideshow Bottom Images: Bottom image slideshow can be uploaded by the admin.


Now on the customer screen video will play and on the right side card slider images will display as shown below image:


Now, the admin can view the list of POS users or Kitchen users by clicking on Restaurant POS>Users.


The admin can add a new POS user and Kitchen user by adding the user’s profile details and for Select Outlet, the admin needs to select the outlet which is added to the Outlet List.


POS Workflow-WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS

POS Panel-Dine-In Mode

Now login to the POS panel to manage the orders. After clicking on Dining Tables>Tables you can book the table for customers.


Now you need to select any table and enter the existing Customer or can Create New Customer, Booking Date, And Available Booking Slot to book the table.

When the POS user chooses one of the open slots, the already-booked slots will appear as booked and the expired slots will appear as expired, as seen in the screenshot.


After clicking on the Book button, the table will be booked for the customer. The booked table will be shown in red and the available table will be shown in green.

Then the POS user needs to Select Table option to add the products.


Here, on the Bookings tab, the POS user will expand the Booking ID and can add the product from the menu after selecting Add Product button as shown in the screenshots.

Bookings tab

The POS users can also cancel the bookings by clicking on the Booking Release button if required.

Note: If any table gets released then the available slots will automatically get available.

Now the menu will display and the user can add the food items to the cart and click on Add To Prepare button.


After that, pop-up will appear to write a note for kitchen.

write a note

Now, food order will send to the kitchen staff for preparing the food. Also, POS users can check the customer order in the Kitchen Orders with note.

dine out

Therefore, POS user can click on read note then written note will appear on screen as per below image:

note in order

In this way, POS user order the food in POS panel – Dine in mode.

POS Panel-Takeaway Mode

In takeaway mode, the menu will display and the user can add the food items to the cart and click on Add To Prepare button.

product added

Now, the customer needs to do a payment first. If you select Add To Prepare option before payment then an error message will occur on top of the page as shown in the below screenshot:

pay first

While doing a payment the Add To Prepare option will display then the POS user will click the option. And after payment food order will send to the kitchen Staff to prepare the food.


Now, POS user can click on confirm payment and generate invoice then invoice will be generated .


POS users can view the customer order details in the Kitchen Orders tab.

take away order

POS Panel-Takeaway Without Restaurant POS

For Takeway Mode, Kitchen POS can also work without the Restaurant POS .

Kitchen POS

WooCommerce Kitchen and Customer Display System Workflow

Now the order will show in the Kitchen Display System with Order Id and food items. And kitchen users can click Start button to prepare the food.

Here kitchen user can select various tab like hold, preparing, and completed according to the status of the food.

kitchen process start

After clicking on Start button food will goes in preparing mode as shown in screenshot.

preparing the food

Now on customer screen the status of food will be shown to customer.

customer view

When food will ready the kitchen user can click on Completed button and send it to the customer by clicking on Send button.

order is completed in kitchen

The status of Completed the food will also shown to customer.

customer view order completed

After that, sending the food to customer in POS panel – takeaway.

In POS Panel-Dine-In Mode, POS user can view all the completed order from Sent Orders tab and can generate a bill by clicking on Create Bill Button as below image:

create bill

After that, click on create bill then order page appear on screen.


Then customer needs to do the payment by cash or other payment option like Card payment.

other payment mode

After the payment a success message will display and then POS user can PRINT INVOICE for the customer bill..


The POS sales agent can also generate the invoice from the WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS plugin.


Thermal printer

Thermal printer use heat to print on thermal paper and notable advantages for POS tasks . They are user-friendly, boast swifter operation, and deliver superior print quality.

Note : The WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS plugin needs POS thermal printer to connect the POS store with the thermal printer. 

Restaurant Kitchen POS with Thermal printer

Once thermal printer is connecting with the POS store, POS user can print the receipt of food order from kitchen order as per below image:


Also, POS user can view sales history through Orders section in POS panel and click on Print Thermal Receipt for printing the receipt.


After click on Print Thermal Receipt, POS user will receive receipt .

Print thermal receipt

That is all about the WooCommerce Restaurant Kitchen POS. 


If you need any technical assistance, please reach us by mail at [email protected]. Also, discover various solutions to add more features and enhance your online store by visiting the WooCommerce plugins page.

Additionally, if you require expert assistance or want to develop custom unique functionality Hire WooCommerce Developers for your project.

You can also check our complete WooCommerce plugin list.

Current Product Version - 1.1.0

Supported Framework Version - WordPress - 6.5.0,  WooCommerce - 8.7.0,  WooCommerce POS - 5.1.0,  WooCommerce Restaurant POS - 1.1.0,  WooCommerce Restaurant POS Kitchen and Customer Screen Plugin - 1.1.0

Blog Version - WordPress - 6.5.0,  WooCommerce - 8.7.0,  WooCommerce POS - 5.1.0,  WooCommerce Restaurant POS - 1.1.0,  WooCommerce Restaurant POS Kitchen and Customer Screen Plugin - 1.1.0
  • Version Wordpress - 6.1.1, WooCommerce - 7.5.1, WooCommerce POS - 4.2.0, WooCommerce Restaurant POS - 1.0.0
  • Version WordPress - 6.5.0,  WooCommerce - 8.7.0,  WooCommerce POS - 5.1.0,  WooCommerce Restaurant POS - 1.1.0,  WooCommerce Restaurant POS Kitchen and Customer Screen Plugin - 1.1.0
. . .

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