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WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Seller Price Comparison

Updated 23 August 2023

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Seller Price Comparison Plugin gives allow customers to compare price among different sellers for a single product.

Now different sellers, selling the same product will be displayed on the product page. The buyer can choose from them as per the product reviews or on the basis of price.

A seller can add the product which is available in the global catalog with different prices, stock units, and conditions.

This plugin allows the sellers to update their assigned products and also delete them.

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Seller Price Comparison Plugin is an add-on to WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin.

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To use this plugin you must have installed the first WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin.

Check the working of the plugin in the video mentioned-below – 



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Multiple sellers can assign the same product with different price, stock units.

Multiple sellers can assign a product which is available globally in the marketplace.

For example, there is a product Apple iPhone which is available in the marketplace and a seller wants to sell the same product only with a different price and quantity.

So it can be done with the help of this plugin,  now seller A, B, C, … can add the same product with different prices and stock units.

Admin can make a simple product or a variable product as a global product.

The admin can make a simple product or a variable product as a global product to make the product available to the sellers so that different sellers can sell the same product at different prices.

Sellers can update their assigned products and also able to delete them.

Once a seller assigns a product then, it will work as a normal product. A seller will be able to update or delete the assigned product.

Display different sellers on the product page with their prices.

On the product page, a buyer can see all the available sellers who are selling the product.

Now a buyer can compare sellers and add to cart the product from a seller having good reviews and low prices like Amazon, Flipkart, or any genuine marketplace.

Product stock management for sellers.

A seller can manage the stock of assigned products. He can update the quantity of the product as per his requirements.


The user will get a zip file which needs to be uploaded in the “Add New” menu option in the WordPress admin panel.

For this login to WordPress Admin Panel and in the Dashboard hover your mouse over the “Plugins” menu option select the “Add New” option.


After this, the user will see an option on the top of the page that is “Upload Plugin”, click the option to upload the zip file.


On clicking the “Upload Plugin” option, the user will see a “Choose File” button. Click on the button to browse for the zip file as per the image below.


After browsing the file, click on the “Install Now” button so as to install the plugin as per the snapshot.


Once the user installs the plugin, a message “Plugin installed successfully” displays and an “Activate Plugin” is visible to activate the plugin. The user needs to click on the “Activate Plugin” button to activate the plugin.


Admin End Workflow for Seller Price Comparison  

After the installation, the admin will select the Seller Price Comparison option under the admin panel. Further, the admin will find the following options.

  • Add Global Products
  • Global Products List
  • Assigned Products


Let’s have some more knowledge about these options.

Add Global Products

The admin will select the Add Global Products under the Seller Price Comparison option for adding products to the global list.

Here, the admin will click on Add Global product to add the respective product to the global list after that, the products will become global for the sellers and they can sell these products with desired price and available stocks.


Bulk Actions

The admin can also add multiple products to the global product list just with a single click.

This can be done by selecting multiple products and clicking on the Assign Global Products option under bulk actions.

Moreover, the admin can also delete the products in the same way.


Global Products List

Further, the assigned products will be visible to the admin under the Global Products List option as shown in the image below:

The global list is a list of products that are available to all the sellers for selling at the desired price.


Product Assignment By Seller

Now a seller can sell these global products. A seller can view the assigned products under “Assign Product”. The seller needs to search for a product and click on “Sell” to assign a product.

webkul-woocommerce-marketplace-single-seller-checkout-seller-sell Now, seller can fill details of a product like product price and stock quantity and the status click on “Save” to save the product. 


After saving the product, the success message will appear, and the seller will automatically navigate to Assign Product List as shown in the image below. The list will include all the products assigned to the seller.

The seller can also edit or delete the product under the Actions tab.


Further, the admin can view the Assigned Product List which sellers are selling under the Assign Products option in the Seller Price Comparison tab in the admin panel.


The admin can also unassign an assigned product by selecting it and from the actions drop-down selecting the Unassign Option.


After unassigning the product from the seller, the admin can see a success message for the same.


Now a buyer can see products under the Shop tab as shown in the image below:


On product the page a buyer can see all the available sellers of that product with the price. Here he can choose as per his suitability.


Further, the customer will add the products of the desired seller and price and click on the Add to Cart button for the respective product. The selection will be done from the available Other Sellers list.

Customer Checkout

After that, the customer will navigate to the Cart page where the details of the products and their seller will be displayed as shown in the image below. The customer can also update the product quantity here:


The customer will click on the Proceed to checkout button.  By this, the customer will navigate to the Checkout page to fill the billing and order details.


Once the details are added the customer will click on the Place Order button to complete the order.

After that the customer will navigate to the order details page where the seller name will also be visible as shown in the image below:


That’s all for the WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Seller Price Comparison Plugin still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the plugin better at


Current Product Version - 1.1.0

Supported Framework Version - WordPress - 6.3.0, WooCommerce - 8.0.2, WooCommerce Marketplace - 5.3.1

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