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Why is it Required to Implement B2B Commerce Into Salesforce?

Updated 17 November 2022

Companies often rely on Salesforce to help with their marketing strategies, sales, and customer engagements. But while Salesforce is a firm favorite in managing all the essential tasks such as credit card payments and data campaigns. Many companies have yet to implement B2B Commerce into their accounts. So, here we have explained why it is required to implement B2B Commerce into Salesforce.


Why use B2B Commerce?

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more businesses are turning to B2B commerce to help them stay ahead of the curve. This is due in part to the fact that B2B commerce allows companies to connect with different parts of the supply chain, making it easier to identify and track products. Additionally, B2B commerce can help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency.

What Problems can B2B Commerce Solve?

B2B commerce can solve a variety of problems for companies, including increasing sales and preventing fraud. Here are some common issues that B2B commerce can help with:

  1. Improving Sales Performance
  2. Reducing Fraudulent Activity
  3. Connecting Customers With Your Business’s Core Values
  4. Generating Custom Content Tailor Made for Your Company’s Audience.

Why use Salesforce?

Salesforce has become the world’s most popular CRM platform for business and for a good reason. It’s powerful and easy to use, and it integrates with a wide range of other applications. But what about business-to-business sales? Salesforce can help you manage sales leads, assign tasks to your team members, and track their progress.

But what if you want to automate your sales processes? B2B commerce is a great way to do that. With B2B commerce, you can use Salesforce to manage customer relationships, order fulfillment, and payment processing. This integration will automate many of the tedious tasks involved in selling goods or services to other businesses.

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What are the Advantages of Implementing B2B Commerce into Salesforce?

There are several advantages of implementing B2B commerce in Salesforce-

  1. You can manage customer relationships more efficiently. With sales leads and customer records in Salesforce, you can quickly identify who is important and track their progress throughout the buying process.
  2. Order fulfillment is easier than ever with B2B commerce in Salesforce. Automated processes like shipping and tracking orders make it easy to track inventory levels and get orders delivered on time. Plus, automated ordering means less time spent on paperwork!
  3. You can handle payments smoothly with B2B commerce in Salesforce. You can accept payments from your customers using secure payment methods like PayPal or Square Cash. It eliminates the need for separate billing systems or chasing down overdue payments.

Why Implement B2B Commerce into Salesforce?

B2B commerce is a growing trend within Salesforce and it can be a great way to increase business growth. Implementing B2B commerce into Salesforce can help sales teams improve efficiencies by connecting with leads and customers through a variety of channels.

In addition to connecting with customers via email, Salesforce can also connect with customers through social media and even third-party tools. By using Salesforce, sales teams can track conversations, lead data, and sales pipeline information in one place. This allows sales teams to quickly identify potential business opportunities and assess how best to work with each customer.

What is the best way to Implement B2B Commerce into your Salesforce?

One of the best ways to implement B2B commerce into your Salesforce is by using Lightning Deals. Lightning Deals allow you to create short, medium, or long-term deals with your suppliers, which can then be tracked and analyzed in Salesforce. You can also use Lightning Deals to keep your customers updated on special offers and discounts from your suppliers.

Best Practices for Implementing B2B Commerce into Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform that you can use to drive B2B commerce. Here are some best practices for implementing B2B commerce in Salesforce:

  1. Set up Salesforce Commerce as an enabled module.
  2. Enable the Lightning connector.
  3. Configure and activate shopping flows.
  4. Enable your sales reps to use Salesforce Commerce features.
  5. Train your sales reps on how to use Salesforce Commerce features.

How to Implement B2B Commerce within Salesforce?

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool that can be used to manage customer relationships and sales. It can also be used to automate marketing and sales processes.

One of the best features of Salesforce is its B2B Commerce capabilities. B2B Commerce allows companies to sell products and services to other businesses. It can help companies streamline their sales processes and make it easier to connect with potential customers.

There are several ways you can use B2B Commerce within Salesforce. You can use Salesforce lists to capture leads and contact information from potential customers. You can also use the connectors available in Salesforce to connect with external systems, such as online Marketplaces or E-Commerce platforms.

Overall, B2B Commerce within Salesforce is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your sales process and increase your business skill set.

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Final Words

In conclusion, global e-commerce is a big market that is expanding swiftly. Nowadays, whether making big or small purchases, customers and organizations need a connected online shopping experience that fulfills their needs. With its robust CRM, Salesforce B2B Commerce aids companies in realizing their full potential. A highly tailored customer experience will be guaranteed by its mobile-friendly design, AI-enabled CRM, AI-guided search results, and product suggestions.

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