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    Why every eCommerce site must use OpenERP ?

    World has witnessed a huge increase in number of eCommerce stores . Every corner of world have lots of player in eCommerce . there is huge competition among eCommerce stores to capture the market .

    Magento & Prestashop actually make it very easy to build an eCommerce site . Both Opensource plays a very vital role in growth of eCommerce market because , Before the arrival of them , it really very tough & costly  to develop an eCommerce site . So only bigger player were able to run eCommerce site.

    But still running a eCommerce site is very teddy process , with increase in number of orders/products /customers , It become almost impossible to manage data from Magento backend . Magento & Prestashop both is good in Catalog management , order management, pricing rules , discount coupon etc

    But they lack in

    • store management
    •  Accounts
    •  Hr
    •  project management
    •  purchase management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Big data processing
    • Manufacturing management

    if you are running both an eCommerce site and physical inventory , it almost become a very big headache to manage data and stops you by taking smart decision

    so the best way to handle this situation is to use an ERP system , But ERP are usually very high cost and because eCommerce sector especially in developing world is full of competitor and in lust of capturing customers , they are offering huge discount so they are in low margin area and using an ERP system can easily increase their cost by significant amount

    But the cost of Openerp (Undoubtedly best opensource ERP ) implementation is very low in comparision to any other ERP system

    So best solution is to use Magento/Prestashop for frontend eCommerce site and basic catalog management , Use openerp for complete back office operation .

    We offer connector for magento /prestashop with openerp , so using our connector you can easily keep your data sync between , magento/prestashop & openerp

    Check Magento connector here : Magento openerp connector

    Check Prestashop Connector here : Prestashop Openerp Connector


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