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Webkul WhatsApp Integration For Shopify

Updated 2 January 2024


Customer support, live chat, real time human support are some of the major points which helps shopify store owners to build there brand. Keeping this in mind we have launched this Webkul WhatsApp Integration App which include major platforms for customer real time communication over there desired platform.

Webkul WhatsApp Integration is the most effective and easy way of communication for your visitors. Let your customers talk to the dedicated team and choose the operator in the dedicated team to interact through Whats app Platform. Also your customer can share the product and collection pages. Recover abandoned carts and increase sales.

Features of Webkul WhatsApp Integration App

  1. The easiest way for your visitors to get in touch with you using whats app platform.
  2. Increase sales through live consultations
  3. Customer can directly talk to related team member from the widget
  4. Giving option to customer to directly talk to dedicated team.
  5. You can list on the basis of teams and sub-team
  6. Your team will be able to stay in touch with your audience anytime and anywhere, answering from any device
  7. Email alerts for each abandoned cart.
  8. Whats app share button on product page

Webkul WhatsApp Integration App Workflow

WhatsApp is integrated with Webkul WhatsApp Integration App. Now customer can initiate the conversation with dedicated operator available in that team. Also customer can share the product and collection pages via WhatsApp platform only. You can send customise mail to recover abandoned cart as well.

Once you installed the app, you need to configure the widget for both WhatsApp Chat and Share Button. All the configuration is listed below both from app and using theme extension feature.

Chat Widget: WhatsApp is integrated in our chat widget. Now you can create different teams depending upon the requirement. You can create multiple operators and align them to different teams. This helps your customer to talk to their dedicated team operator through WhatsApp which is most easiest and widely used platform.

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Share Button Widget: We have also integrated WhatsApp sharing button on both collection pages and product pages. Now your customer can easily share your store products and collections page via most preferred platform. This will help you to increase sales.

Cart Abandoned Notification: Now you can send customise mail to all your abandoned cart users. Use operator direct WhatsApp link which will help in boosting sales.


Once you install this app from shopify app store, you need to configure the app. There are three configuration, General Configuration, Chat Widget Configuration and Share Button Configuration.

General Configuration

This setting requires admin whats app number and Timezone


Chat Widget Configuration

In order to configure the chat widget, you need to inject the codes first. Click on verify asset to inject codes automatically on your live theme. If it is not implmented then you can use manual code injection as well.


Configuration from Theme Customizer

  • For whatsapp chat widget you need to follow these steps as below
    • Open themes menu in the store admin: Online Store > Themes
    • Click on the customize button
    • Select Theme settings in the left bottom corner then click on the App embeds
    • Enable WhatsApp Chat Widget
    • Click on the save button

Share Button Configuration

Similar to chat widget, share button codes can also be implemented automatically. You need to verify the asset to inject codes automatically.

You can configure the theme and positioning of the share button as well.


Configure Share button from theme Extension

  • In case of the share button we can show in the two different pages Product and Collection Page.
    You need to follow these steps as below
    • Open themes menu in the store admin: Online Store > Themes
    • Click on the customize button
    • For the collection page you need to Select Collections > Defualt collection from the dropdown similarly for product page you need to select Product > Defualt product from the dropdown
    • Click on the Add section and select WhatsApp share button
    • Click on the save button.

How to Add Operators

You can add operators from Operators menu. Navigate to Whats app > Operators > Add Operator. We have also given feature to add multiple operators at once.


How to Make Team and Add Operators

In order to make different team and add operators to different team. Navigate to Whatsapp > Support Team > Add Team


Cart Abandoned Recovery Mail

We have given cart abandoned recovery mail feature in this app. Now your mails will be send to the customer to recover the cart. Email logs is also very important, therefore all the sent mails are save in notifications page under cart menu.


Customise Cart Abandoned Mail

We have given option to admin that he can customise the email. He can add discount codes and much more to boost sales. Also you can add operator chat link so that customer can chat with operators in case of any query.

Navigate to Cart > Abandoned Cart > Action > Notify User



Furthermore, if you need any kind of support/Consultancy then please raise a ticket at or drop a mail at [email protected].

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