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    Webkul at Magento Imagine 2019
    25 July 2019

    Webkul at Magento Imagine 2019

    After attending Meet Magento 2018 in Bangkok Webkul team attended the Magento imagine 2019 in Las Vegas.

    The event was having more than 1000 Attendees from 10 different countries.

    Our team has to travel to Las Vegas from New Delhi via Los Angeles and Istanbul on 10th May, but due to the flight delay, they reached Las Vegas at 11 am on 12th May via Istanbul, New York, and Los Angeles.

    During this process, the luggage has also got missed at Istanbul airport.

    After struggling a lot, our team reaches the Westgate hotel at 3 pm from the airport. On the 12th of May, the Magento was organized the Big Dam Run at 7:15 am, but due to the delay of flight our team missed that.

    First Day (12th May)

    After getting fresh and up, with no delay the team has headed towards Wynn hotel, where the Magento imagine 2019 is going to happen.

    At the venue our team meets Talesh from Canada. He is working on a Magento security module and wishes to test his module on our Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

    After that, our team interacted with Ben Marks. He congrats our team for winning the Top Selling Extension Award of 2018, which our team was not aware of due to the late arrival because of delay of the flight.

    For the second time, Webkul won this award. Previous Webkul had won Top Selling Extension award of 2017.

    After the little interaction with the peoples, our teams headed toward Pre imagine get together. Here we meet Michele Miller, the host of Magento sneak and Sherrie Rohde (@sherrierohde).

    All the things for that day had winded up till 7:50 pm. The team roaming around the Paradise Street of Vegas and returns to the hotel at 9:30 pm.

    Second Day (13th May)

    Next day on 13th of May the team reaches the Petrus hall of Wynn hotel at 7:30 am for the registration process.

    And after the registration and breakfast, the team headed towards Encore Theater to attend the talk events. The theater was full of having the capacity of 1490.

    The team attended a session on Stories from the Edge: First Explorers of Progressive Web Apps given by Eric Erway  and James Zetlen.


    They also inlighten the recently-launched PWA Studio.

    The team visited the marketplace after attending the event, and there they meet the very famous payment gateway provider for POS named Odyen. The team also meet Phillip Jackson, who is one of the speakers in Magento imagine 2019.

    At 12:30 pm, the team attended the networking lunch at Sunset Terrace of wynn hotel with the other attendees.

    After that, the team attended the talk on Magento Service Isolation Given by Igor Miniailo, lead Magento architect of Magento Commerce.

    The team attended Opening General Session & Keynotes in Encore Theater between 04:00 pm to 05:30 pm in which Gary Specter and Gloria Chen from Adobe lighten the merge of Adobe and Magento and provide 12 months free subscription to Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

    In marketplace area, the team meet Cheryl Doefman (@litilebitquirk), and they ask her about the award (Top Selling Extension)

    At last, the team attended the opening night networking event and left the event approx at 9 pm. After that, the team goes for the shopping in Ross Dress for Less. After chilling out, the team returned to the hotel.

    Third Day (14th May)

    On the third day of the trip, the team headed towards the venue at 7 am. The team starts their day by attending the Continental Breakfast & Networking in Lafite hall.

    After that, the team meets Lori Krell; she writes documents for the Magento.


    The team attended General Session & Keynotes by Jason Woosley in Encore Theater; he is the VP of Magento Commerce and platform. He enlightened the open platform and vibrant ecosystem and announced Magento commerce branded stores for Amazon sellers.

    After that, Jason Woosley, and Ben Mark awarded the Magento masters for their contribution to the Magento.

    Next was Jenny Cheng, VP of Paypal inlighten the blod changes that is happening in Paypal.

    After the session of Jenny Cheng, Aubery Bergauer Executive director of  California Symphony has given some ideas about how She contributed to the increase of the revenue of California Symphony.

    On the 14th itself, the rehearsal of sneak imagine was held, but due to the connection problem, our team was not able to give the rehearsal on that day. Our team has the application on the android phone, but the connector of android was not with them.

    After the rehearsal session, our team registered the Webkul for the Magento Association.

    Our team also experienced 180-degree photography.

    At 8 pm the team attended the Legendary Imagine Evening Event in Encore Beach Club.

    The team had to leave the party early because they have to pick up their misplaced luggage from the airport.

    Fourth Day (15th May )

    The last day of our team in Vegas has arrived with 15th May. It was also very important day for our team because, on this day, our team had to represent our company (Webkul) in the sneak event.

    Webkul has made to Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase for three times in a row.

    In year 2018, Webkul ingressed to Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase by implementing Text/Image Detection Search in eCommerce mobile app builderusing Machine Learning at its core.

    Webkul got another mention at Magento® Innovations Lab Showcase in 2019 for building Virtual Measurement using the Augmented Reality (AR) fundamentals for eCommerce mobile app builder.

    There were six total speakers in the sneak event, and Mr. Ratnesh Kumar technical project manager represented the Webkul in the sneak event.

    The journey of the team in Las Vegas ended with some great memories.

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