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5 August 2022

Wohhoo! WEBKUL Games Tournament 2022

Wohhoo! WEBKUL Games Tournament 2022

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”

Ting Tong!!

Sports Tournaments build character, teach and develop strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk-taking.

So, this is the reason we organized the tournaments for Webkulites. Numbers of sports were chosen to be played like CHESS, TABLE TENNIS, CARROM BOARD, FOOSBALL, BADMINTON, CRICKET and many more.

We already waited for more than 2 years because of the pandemic for such enthusiastic activities and we couldn’t wait for hidden talent treasure anymore. So, as soon as the new normal routine started, we initiated the coordination and created registration facilities for games to make participation easier. Once the tournaments started, it was a wonder how the employees were showing their hidden TALENTS!!

Thereafter, the administrative department made an inventory of things and provided that might be needed for our tournaments like score cards, posters, temporal arrangement clocks, medals or awards.

During the entire competition, we made sure everybody enjoy and contribute with high synergy because sport are one of the biggest reasons which lead one to look at things higher and promotes team-building opportunities. The friendly competition in sports teaches the worth of discipline, tolerance, and cooperation. Trophies were given to serve as a reorganization of the winning player/team.

It was really fun to see the players practicing and making strategies to WIN!

This adds tons to a human character and helps them in building cooperation.

Everyone was so restless to get the WIN! WIN!

During the entire tournament, the enthusiasm of Webkulities made us sure to organize such events even more frequently.

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