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28 August 2023

Webkul Annual Day Celebration 2k23🎉

Webkul Annual Day Celebration 2k23🎉

An annual day event is a special occasion where employees come together to celebrate the achievements and milestones of the organization over the past year. It’s a time for team building, recognition, and enjoyment. Webkul was all set to cheer at its annual event one more time, uniting employees and their families on 26th August 2023, Saturday at Kaushambi Delhi NCR.

The evening is all about bringing our creative minds together to foster innovation and find solutions—a reflection of Webkul’s commitment to quality work with thirteen years of achievements. This time, we’re thrilled to gather in person, making the occasion even more special.

Started the celebration with the pool party, The sun was shining, the water was inviting, and the atmosphere was charged with excitement. Everyone dived in for a day of pure enjoyment, with mouth-watering snacks and a happy singing of ‘pani vala dance’. It was not just a pool party; it was a chance to create lasting memories with your colleagues, with sunblock, shades, and, of course, our enthusiasm!🌊🎉

Following the long-standing tradition of Indian culture, the evening began with lighting “Diyas” led by our esteemed Directors.

There was a corner for fun photos with props, and more for capturing the fun and exciting moments.

The event came to life with a dynamic array of entertainment, including energetic dances, melodious songs, hilarious funny imitations, poetry, quizzes, and a warm-up activity with a ‘Bravo Song’ that filled everyone with joyful energy. The lights dimmed with smoke, creating the perfect atmosphere for our talented employees to shine on stage. Everyone cheered for their favorite performers, and the energy stayed high, keeping the excitement alive.

Continuing with the evening celebration, we started presenting awards to our employees to recognize their achievements. Whether it’s the “Emerging Leaders” award or the “Mountain Mover” honor, these accolades celebrate the dedication and creativity that keep our office running smoothly. This evening was for our people, celebrating their hard work to achieve our business goals.

As it is said,
Together We Rise, Together We Celebrate
Following this, we moved on to the cake-cutting ceremony, led by our esteemed Directors. This moment holds special meaning as it represents our collective journey and the significant milestones we have achieved together. Each and every moment was captured and marked by a team photoshoot.

Last, but not the least, we signed off the day with loud music, never-ending dance, and fun-filled “masti” on the dance floor. Our employees know how to enjoy every moment. Of course, we also had delicious food and desserts, which made the evening even better.

A big thanks to the #Radisson team who provided us with the services of videography of the entire event which can bring back all the memories at any time later.

Our Webkul family is growing, and we’re working on making it even better. With the help of many, new members are fitting in well. Thanks to their hard work, we’re getting lots of great ideas. So, what happened wasn’t just an event, it was a big Webkul Festival to make our employees happy and well. Cheers to Webkul!

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