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    Watermark Images – Using Photoshop Batch

    Hi Friends! This is my first blog, and today I’m going to describe how to use Batch process in photoshop.

    In simple word – Batch process is solution, to perform repetitive task automatically using action.

    We can use batch for watermark, resize images, change image format etc.

    For eg. – If I need to add watermark to number of images, it’s very hard to open one by one and put watermark then export or save.

    Below the example, I will put watermark on all these image using photoshop batch.

    Now, Let’s add a logo at bottom right corner of the image as shown below

    Before we start! The User should have some knowledge of photoshop action.

    So, Let’s Start.

    Step 1 : Create Action

    Window > Action > Select Folder 📁 > New Action 📄 >Name your action [watermark] > Record 🔴

    I Perform action as I needed and then stop ⏹️ the action as show below

    Step 2 : Run Batch

    File > Automate > Batch

    1. Now set your action in play section.

    2. Choose your images folder.

    3. Click OK

    Wow! I get all my images with watermark within seconds.


    Thanks to Photoshop! 

    If there is something that is not understandable by this blog then do comment below. We will surely assist on that.

    Thanks for giving your precious time 🙂

    . . .


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