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    How to use cart api in Opencart

    In our previous blog :  , we learnt how to use customer api in opencart . Today we will learn , how use cart api in opencart  .

    Opencart uses the cart api in the product section while adding or editing the order from the admin end . After adding the customer from the  sales->orders then add/edit  when we click the continue button , then it goes to the product section .

    After selecting the product when , we click on add product button , Two methods of the cart api will be called  .First is ‘add’ . The add method is used to add the product into the cart . The code is given below:

    If product is added successfully then add method will return the success message.

    After adding the product , ‘products’ method will be called . The ‘products’ method is used to fetch the cart products .The code is given below:

    If products fetched successfully , then it will return the details of the product that are currently in the cart . The response will look like as follows :

    We can also remove the added product by clicking the remove button placed in the action column of product table . When we click the remove button , remove method of cart api will be called . The code for remove method is :

    If product successfully removed , then it will return the success method as given below :


    . . .

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  • Kshitij Baluni
    i am facing the issue with the remove function in cart.api.
    Not able to remove or update product from cart, as i am nit able to fetch the Key that is used for the product id.

    {“success”:”Success: You have modified your shopping cart!”}
    Showing success, but the cart is not update.
    This is because of the key is not fetched for the product_id.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Kshitij Baluni
    Not Able to use the remove function
    Getting {“success”:”Success: You have modified your shopping cart!”}
    but when seeing the cart data, it’s not modified removed.
    Same goes with the update funtion.
    Please help
    Thanks in advance
    Please help its urgent
    • sara
      please till me the solution if you know it :”)
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