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Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

Updated 10 December 2019

Starting an online business can be intimidating as it demands many right decisions at the right time.

Moreover, if you have just started to put the blocks on top of the other, it’s hard to find which way to go.
Since the eCommerce ecosystem has widened a lot from the past several years that apart from the competition it will give you, it’s hard to even choose where & what to start with.

There is a pile of eCommerce websites out there, serving there best with innovative ideas. This could actually intimidate a novice who is just starting up & stuck with a thought ‘what kind of website should I build to triumph’.

Considering the facts, in this article, I’ll help you tame down all such thoughts by listing the kinds of websites that you can launch. Moreover, dropping some inspirational websites for example & solutions for the same!

🚀 Launch An Online Auction Website

Creating online auction websites is particularly a good strategy to start an online business. Also, to gain popularity in a brief span of time.

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Specifically talking about the well-known auction service providers eBay, you’ll know how infectious and successful this could be. Nonetheless, if you are someone who is intrigued by the concepts of auctions then you can go this way.

So start outright. Do your research to decide if an auction site is the right place for your new business. 

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How to build an Online Auction Website?

Artsy’s mission is to expand the art market to support more artists and art in the world. They organize art auctions on their website where different merchants can even partner with them on the same behalf.

According to Artsy’s recent reports, they said:

‘We had bidders participate in auctions from 84 different countries around the world.’

On and all, they are doing a great job and setting inspirations for new vendors to start on!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Start a Booking Website

Selling time online can be really profitable for you. Booking industry has surged in the recent couple of years and why not. It has helped people save a lot of their time by making online appointments, reservations and what not!

Booking-based websites can take your business to the next level if you set all things right. Moreover, the booking industry has a lot in itself. You can turn & twist it as per your liking, go for various outlooks like venue booking, appointment booking, rental business and a lot more.

Do your research & decide what suits you the best!

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See the Possibilities with Booking Commerce

You all must have heard of Airbnb, worldwide accommodation providers. They mainly deal with the rental-service aspect of the booking industry. Moreover, they have set high inspirations for all of the vendors out there!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Create a Crowdfunding Website

Raising funds for a venture is a tricky business. Although, loaning money is an option but crowdfunding can give you another dimension to raise capital if your cause is something that could be supported by the crowd.

Crowdfunding is a good way of collecting funds from the masses and helping yourself with financing a new project or venture.

If you are someone who is interested in raising funds for social or personal causes, starting a crowdfunding website is definitely your way to go!

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How to create a Crowdfunding Website?

I don’t know how many of you have heard about Ketto Organisation. It is an Indian crowdfunding platform that allows people and NGOs to raise money for social, creative and personal causes.

As per Wikipedia, from 2012 – 2019, over ₹300 crores was raised on the platform for over 1.5 Lakh campaigns and 25 Lakhs donors. This is really commendable.

Check their website out and get inspired!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Build a fully-fledged Multivendor Marketplace

The multivendor marketplace concept basically lets an admin convert a single-vendor store into a multiple vendor store. One can create a store like Amazon, where multiple sellers are selling multiple categories of products. Or one can even focus on a specific product category like art/electronics/clothing just like Etsy
Basically, if you are someone who is looking forward to opening a store but doesn’t want to get into the hassle of inventory, shipping, etc then a multi-seller marketplace is the suitable way to go. Simply, add sellers and earn a commission from each sale.

📃 Further Reading

How to create an exemplary Multi-Vendor Marketplace with Shopify?

Perfumery is India’s first fragrance site. They say,

We are a Social Commerce Platform which Connects Perfume lovers across India. Apart from the Regular Fragrance Store, we aim to be Platform for Sharing Fragrances as well Via DecantNation and CologneXchange.

Perfumery is a multivendor marketplace, having multiple vendors on their store. Moreover, they have used Multi-Vendor Marketplace as their solution to convert their online store into a perfect fully-fledged marketplace.

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Kick Start a Digital Product Store

Digital products are something that can be sold online in a downloadable format having no physical existence. Downloadable files could be PDFs, templates, mp3, plug-ins, software, etc. Digital products can’t be touched, worn or tasted but present in our mundane life like music, videos, online knowledgebase, etc.

Due to their repute and efficiency of delivery, many merchants decide to build their entire online business around these intangible goods!

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Selling Intangible Products: All you need to know!

Check out Retro Supply Co. They sell digital tools and assets for designers.

Premium retro and vintage graphic design goods. Including Photoshop actions, Illustrator goods, brushes, textures, seamless patterns, and more.

They are a perfect example of a digital store!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

These are all the different kinds of stores you can build depending on the services you would like to provide.

Moreover, if you are thinking from the point that what all kinds of goods you can sell. Then here, I am listing the fast-moving products for your eCommerce store.

🚀 Clothing Store

Specifically clothing-centric store. Build a thriving online fashion market with Shopify.

Give customers a convenient way to shop from sitting in their homes on a website that sells all of their favorite clothes. With Shopify, you can launch your ecommerce clothing store in minutes!

Get inspired by SIR, a store with the most beautiful theme. Moreover, the most inspiring and striking Shopify stores for clothing.

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Art Store

Share your artistic works with online shoppers all around the world. Carve your name by starting a professional and attractive presence online.

One such inspiring art Shopify website is Raven. Raven Roxanne is an artist painting in her studio inside Cigar Factory located in Charleston, South Carolina. Along with that having an online store and shipping nationwide.

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Home Decor Store

Home decors are fast-moving products in the online marketplace. Help your customers make interior decorating plans, design their home and whatnot.

This is more of a creative task than an online business. With a professional home decor eCommerce store, you can unlock the doors to higher revenues and faster growth.

Get inspired by Wrightwood Furniture, they have a physical store in Chicago and also an online Shopify store.

Recently they shared that they produce 12% of their total revenue from their online store.

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Electronics, Gadgets & Accessories Store

Stepping into the Internet marketplace is fruitful. Step into selling electronics online to boost revenues and grow your business!

Master and Dynamic, a Shopify store, sell high-quality headphones. They stared in 2014 and now they have grown so much. On this date, Master & Dynamic partners with Louis Vuitton and have released so many versions of technically sophisticated headphones. Is not it so inspiring!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Health and Supplement Store

In the list of physical products, merchants can use ecommerce to sell Health-related stuff.

Selling nutritional supplements can be really productive as people these days are so health-conscious.

Skinnymetea is founded in 2012, an Australian company that sells all-natural detox teas. As per the data, 9 months after opening their online Shopify store, they started earning $600k monthly. Setting inspiring boards for upcoming entrepreneurs!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Beauty & Cosmetics Store

Let your customers buy all the products they need to feel beautiful without stepping outside their homes by starting a beauty store. The online cosmetics industry stretches to grow every day. A perfect solution to increasing sales and enhancing brand awareness.

Just like Beardbrand, a men’s beard care service products online store. As per the data, in less than a year the company starting making $120k in a month. Really inspiring!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

🚀 Accessories Store

Selling pretty accessories can really help you to launch a perfect successful online store. People can easily be allured if you are having good quality and beautiful pieces to sell online.

Work with photography of products to attract the audience. Moreover, have a simple, minimalistic yet pretty theme of your store.

Get inspired by Biko, a Toronto based store, they hand-craft accessories with materials including sleek mixed metals and natural stones. On top of all, their theme & subtle color combinations take the heart away from their customers!

Types of Websites you can launch with Shopify

At last, don’t forget, it’s a huge space, explore & expand as much as you can! Moreover, I hope this article has helped you come to a decision for your entrepreneurial journey.

Let me know which idea inspired you the most in the comments section below.

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