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    See the Possibilities with Booking Commerce

    While booking an appointment over the phone, it’s a possibility that you were forced to wait on hold before you can fix it, thus this annoyance would lead you to hang up & look for other solutions.❞

    As service providers, keeping your business supple requires you to adapt to your customer’s needs. No matter what service you are serving to your customers, it all comes down to the time factor.

    Since nobody has the time in this world & on top of it one can’t control it but time management is the only possibility.

    Value your customers by valuing their time. All well said but how?
    The search for the solution of this ‘how’ puts a highlight on the ‘Online Booking Ecosystem’.

    People navigate towards the online reservation facilities rather than doing it all manually just for the sake of saving time & availability of multiple options. And it’s time for you to pay attention to your reservation facilities, whether you’re on the right track or not.

    You might be dealing with online booking services related to personal training, events, education, medical, driving, etc. Perhaps, you’ll be offering rentals or appointment services. So is it enough? No!

    -Neither from the customer’s point of view nor from the service provider.

    These are some basic requirements your customers want from your booking services else they are ready to ditch you for the other ones:

    • To allow the basic stuff: Enter date, slots, timezone, etc.
    • To allow ‘book now, pay later’ facility.
    • Let your customers review their previous experience.
    • Notify customers if there’s been a cancellation.
    • Notify them when the date is close to what they booked.

    Let’s see how the Booking Commerces unlocks all these possibilities.

    Booking Commerce is one such booking engine that competence you to do more by providing you a way of creating multiple booking types at once.

    • Multiple Booking Types include One-day Type, Appointment Type, Rent Type, Rent with Time Type, Concert Type, Concert with Time Type.
    • The Admin has total control over your booking periods. You can decide the days and times when you’ll accept new reservations and you can completely restrict specific days (such as public holidays or personal emergency). Also, you can even specify the rest time to allow yourself a break.
    • Add staff accounts i.e., creating multiple users who will work on your behalf as per the permissions assigned by the Admin.
    • Don’t settle for just one type & create multiple categories of bookings to serve your customers.
    • Easy process of approving, rescheduling & canceling bookings.
    • Booking Commerce understands that we don’t need to be paid immediately for every reservation hence, the ‘Cash on Venue’ feature is what your customers look for. And for those who want to pay then and there, PayPal add-on got you with a secure & smooth online transaction flow.
    • Rewarding customers made easy with the booking commerce add-on.
    • Moreover, the Google Calendar lets you systemize your booking track for an easy workflow.

    Booking Commerce WordPress Integration

    Booking Commerce Shopify Integration

    This is just a sneak-peak of what this app has for you. Head over to their website to know all that they are offering:

    💡 Need Help?

    Drop your query/suggestion at or create a ticket at Webkul UV Desk.

    Until next time. 👋

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