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    Types Of Queue Control Systems And How To Implement them In Odoo

    Queues are inevitable. Period.

    It doesn’t matter what technique you equip, customer queues will be there in your store. The actual question is how to manage the queues in your store?

    Frankly, if there are queues, it means your business is growing.

    But the Downfall! These waiting lines can be a big annoyance to the customers especially today when the customers are surrounded by numerous other options.

    An efficient queue management system is the one that not only minimizes the customers’ waiting time in lines, but also empowers the staff to serve the customers more efficiently.

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    Do you think a queue management system is not necessary for your business? They have an entire subject on the topic- ‘Waiting Line Theory’.

    Think again!

    The guide discusses two types of queue management systems for crowd control in your store:

    (i) Queue Management System
    (ii) Booking/Reservation Management Systems, and steps on how to implement these in the Odoo ERP system.

    Why Do You Need A Queuing System To Manage Waiting Lines?

    Time is luxury that nobody has in today’s world and a mismanaged queue causes more than just chaos.

    A queue in disarray on your store grounds results in annoyed customers and loss of possible sale. 

    ‘A balking customer is one who decides not to join a long queue which is a loss of potential sale for your business.’

    ‘While a Reneging customer is a sure sale walking out of the door when a customer leaves a queue after waiting for too long.’

    Your customers hate the queues as much as you do. Nobody wants to wait unnecessarily in long queues to get a service when a faster option is available next door.

    Whether it’s a customer or company, a versatile structure is necessary to handle various operations.

    Implementing crowd control/queue control measures in your business can help you to streamline the entire process.

    Studying The Elements Of A Queue Management System

    Not all queues are the same. Each queue is for a specific purpose.

    How to solve the queuing problem?

    Examining the fundamental elements of the queue matrix is necessary to gather data which helps in understanding the serving capacity of your business.

    1.) Queue Behaviour

    Queue Analysis involves studying the behavior of the queue. It includes monitoring the average difference between the influx and efflux of customers in your store.

    Other factors that should be kept in mind are:

    • The normal frequency of arrival.
    • The Average length of the queue.
    • An Average number of customers at any giving time.
    • The peaks and troughs in customers’ arrival during the day.

    2.) Calculating Serving time In Queue

    Once you map out the ratio of the number of customers leaving to the ones entering the store at a given time, you can decide how much time would it take to serve one customer with the current service stations in your store.

    Improving queue serving time will reduce balking and queue abandonment and improve the efficiency of the queue management efficient.

    It also helps to provide better customer experience as it reduces the time a customer needs to stand in the queue.

    3.) Adequate Service Stations

    Studying queue behavior can help you to find the appropriate number of serving stations needed in your store.

    Setting fewer stations can cause a queue buildup leading chaos and loss in sales.

    On the other hands, having more serving stations than required leads to unnecessary wastage of resources causing monetary losses. These resources can be diverted towards other tasks.

    4.) Counting the downfalls

    Counting your losses is always a great strategy to implement rectifications for the future. The best practices involve continuously testing the queue management system and reinforcing the weak points on a timely basis.

    Now, What Is Odoo And How To Add A Queue Management System In Odoo?

    Once you have the correct structure for your queue management system, it is time to put it to practice and find the optimum solution to the server-queue problem for your business.

    Odoo is one of the most popular and versatile resource management systems. What does this mean?

    It means you can use to manage the entire operations of your store with one software. It is highly configurable to include additional functions that suit your needs as per your business.

    Odoo Queue Management System is one such module which provides the necessary features for managing queues irrespective of your business. It can be easily customized to include more features as per the requirements.

    Booking Systems Are A Subset Of Queue Management System

    Queues are inevitable regardless of the efficiency of your queue management system.

    This is where Booking systems become highly useful in further reducing the chaos and length of the queues in your waiting room.

    ‘Booking Systems work in conjunction with Queue management systems to provide crowd control for your business.’

    What is the booking system? Booking system creates an appointment or reservation for the customers for a particular day thereby eliminating the need for them to wait in a queue. The booking can be either generated by the staff on customer’s behalf or by the customer itself using the online booking system.

    Whatever your business might be, implementing a Booking system can surely help to reduce the workload on the staff.

    Benefits Of Having A Booking/Reservation System In Your Business

    Mike is like any other individual going through chores of day-to-day life.

    The new Avengers movie is around the corner and one can only imagine the bloodbath at the ticket counters after the release. Long queues of individuals standing for the movie tickets. But if the movie theatre has a booking system in place, Mike and other customers can just book the ticket anytime from the website and be done with it.


    One of the most important aspect of any business looking to impart good customer experience: ‘Convenience of the customers’. Allowing customers to fix an appointment or booking saves time and hassle.

    The benefits of a Booking system are pretty self-evident:

    1.) Time Management

    Customers can check the availability and choose the date for bookings as per their convenience saving time.

    An online booking system is available 24 hours a day which greatly increases convenience for the customers.

    The customers can avoid last minute hassle for the customers preventing chaos and mismanagement.

    2.) Resources Management

    The resources deployed to cater for an unorganized can be wisely spent on managing bookings and reservations.

    The businesses can make the arrangements as per the number of bookings at a given time to escape unnecessary delays in serving.

    3.) Eliminating Errors

    A functional and effective Booking system helps in keeping the operations such as missed appointments, rescheduled appointments, and cancellations in check for the business.

    A properly designed booking system can eliminate double bookings for the same time spot.

    4.) Tracking The Growth

    Use various analytic tools to study the bookings made on your Booking management system.

    The data provides great insights about customers preferences, type of bookings made, periods with the highest and lowest number of bookings respectively.

    The points thus drawn can be proactively used in projecting the growth of your business. It also allows to identify the hinder points and eliminate them to further streamline the process.

    Implementing A Booking Management System In Odoo

    Odoo ERP system can be easily configured to allow you to handle bookings and schedule appointments in Odoo, both offline and through the website.

    A number of Odoo Modules can help you to put a very efficient booking system in place for your Odoo ERP system. The list consists of both Odoo backend booking system and online booking system:

    Contact us if you are planning to implement a Queue/Booking Management system in Odoo.

    Sum Up

    To reiterate, reduce queues to bring in more customers and maximize conversionsA waiting line cannot be avoided but can be managed to significantly reduce the disorder and loss.

    Evaluate your system to check;

    • Does it minimize the waiting time of the customers?
    • Is it able to help customers to generate reservations or appointments quickly?
    • Does it allow your staff to cater the customers in queue faster?

    And accordingly, adapt the best strategy that works for your store and keep improving the process over time.

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