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    Track Website Conversion Rate Via Facebook Pixel

    In recent times Facebook has become the most popular social media of all times. It has attracted and indulged users from every part of the world. Also users who are not fond off using with internet have 70% possibilities of operating Facebook at their end. Being a social media, many use it to advertise or share their products and services. Few link up their online sites to increase the engagement of audience. So, to check the conversion rate and keep a track of target audience Facebook has developed the concept of Facebook Pixel.

    What is Facebook Pixel

    As per Facebook, it is the conversion pixel which allows site owners to track and measure the effectiveness of their related business. It helps them to recognise and distinguish specific pages or ads which is leading to conversion on basis of activities.
    Facebook has two tracking pixel at their end :

    • The Conversion Tracking Pixel : It tracks audiences and displays details when certain actions takes place.
    • The Website Custom Audience Pixel : The pixel records all Ids that visit your website and allows you to target them in a custom audience in near future.

    With the help of provided data, owner of site gets the leverages to run personalised marketing campaigns based on visit of pages. Also can gauge ad performance with the help of reporting on conversion events. Therefore acting as an efficient application to predict and understand customer’s behaviour.

    Use of Facebook Pixel in Ecommerce Store

    With the integration of Facebook Pixel with Ecommerce site provides details of conversion rate. The rate includes the content area, component area, add to cart and checkout page. Whenever a visitor visits and undertakes an action on defined pages, the pixel gets updated. It displays the details of conversion at Facebook end based on the reaction of audience for different pages. Therefore the data can used for re-marketing.
    Checkout our latest development related to tracking website conversion rate via Facebook Pixel.


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