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    Top 5 reasons to choose Odoo for your CRM

    Updated 16 March 2022

    Maintain healthy relationships with your customers via Odoo CRM Tool.

    Customer relation is one of the inevitable and important pillars of any business out there. Keeping a healthy relationship with your customers is as important as running your business. Nevertheless, they are the one who determines your business success in graphs. Subsequently, providing end-to-end services and best-in-class products leads to customer satisfaction. As a result, it enables you to reach new heights of business success and growth. 

    A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all!!

    Happy and satisfied customers talk about your business with their known ones. It is basically known as mouth marketing. So, without hiring any advertising agency and spending a single penny, you are able to promote your business in between individuals. These impractical ways of advertising compel customers to reach you out effectively. Also, it compels them to go for instant purchase. This leads to proper management of customers as well as of your business.


    Customers are a proven source of vast opportunities. It enables you to explore and progress your way towards better business growth. Keeping in mind, using various marketing and promotional tools, we can cater to every business prospect to a top-notch level.

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    The managers of the company should analyze and study various solutions to enhance CRM in their company. Also, they can go through various demos of tools to know their capabilities and functionalities. After that, they can implement them to increase the company’s productivity and overall performance.

    Implementing solutions that manage your resources are a perfect alternative for your business. Therefore, it is the best provision for all your business-related operations and functions efficiently. 

    What is a good CRM?


    A good and fully functional CRM consists of the following features:

    • Enhances relationships with customers for healthy profits.
    • Finding new potential customers for generating new leads in business.
    • Giving a well-structured model for the sales and marketing team and activities.
    • Provide full operational capacity and adequate control.

    In CRM, open-source solutions are always at the top of the list when searching for a perfect CRM tool. And for open-source, we have to definitely glance up at Odoo services. Therefore, Odoo is one of the most popular and advanced open-source platforms. It is filled with impeccable capabilities for maintaining active management for the business operations.

    Its configuration is distinctive and the interconnected approach is appreciable. In Odoo, all modules are fully functional and connected to provide full liberty of operations. If we talk about CRM, Odoo provides you with a whole dedicated CRM Module. As a result, it will help you to enhance your customer relationships efficiently.

    Odoo CRM is one of the most popular CRMs as it lets you gain more business with its functionalities. Odoo being the customer-centric CRM has a plethora of amazing features like an Attractive CRM Dashboard, Real-time Overview, Well-defined activity scheduler, etc.

    So let’s see the benefits of using the Odoo CRM Module for all your business-related operations

    Integrated CRM Module

    The Odoo CRM module is one of the most popular and advanced solutions of Odoo for your eCommerce platform. It comes integrated with the solution on both of its Enterprise and Community editions. The direct connection of Odoo with the CRM provides you the autonomy for all the processes of business operations. As a result, it will be beneficial for the performance improvement of the business.

    Direct Integration With Sales Module

    The Odoo CRM directly creates the Sale Orders for the customers. The interconnectivity and direct interactions enable you to pursue the opportunities based on the lead operations. Therefore, this feature of Odoo CRM differentiates it from other CRM Modules

    Cost-effective with user-friendly interface

    Odoo CRM is one of the most cost-effective modules over other CRM modules. It will provide you with all the service-based tools without hurting your pockets. Moreover, all the tools provided are easy to use and do not need any configuration. These tools are highly beneficial for all business-related operations. They help you control and manage healthy relationships with your customers.

    No lags with real-time data analytics

    The Odoo CRM modules are all based on real-time operations without any lag in functionality. The operations are completed on time without any delay. 

    Subsequently, it enables businesses to maximize their efficiency in a limited time and provide better results in the whole term. This also makes it beneficial for businesses to be on top of the game by other competitors.

    Easy and Quick Customization

    Odoo CRM provides you with great flexibility in customizing the module as per your business needs. Yes, you heard that right. Subsequently, you can easily modify your module in your way or to your business requirements.

    Therefore, you can tailor your modules with your ideas and solutions. You can add exclusive features to compete in today’s competitive world. It is always appreciated due to its highly customizable concepts. It is one of the biggest benefits of Odoo for all sizes of businesses.

    Other benefits of Odoo CRM

    • Web-based centralized system
    • Operates on vivid platforms like a laptop, mobile, or tablet
    • Supports mass mailing
    • Integration of third-party apps flawlessly like google calendar, VoIP calls
    • Cloud-based Application so no data loss
    • Multi contacts management
    • Good sales forecast with sales report generation
    • Notification about scheduled tasks and activities
    • Integrations with modules like invoicing, accounting, website, e-commerce, etc.
    • Time-saving by automated tasks management
    • Improved analytical data and reporting
    • Lead Prioritization
    • Precise tracking of Leads and opportunities


    Therefore, we can conclude by saying that, Odoo CRM is the best choice for all your business needs. As it is loaded with multiple features, you can initiate your business operations with it efficiently.

    Although you are looking for a CRM service in Odoo, Webkul experts are always here. They will be happy to provide you with solutions to your queries and issues.

    Tell us how you are planning to implement a CRM solution in Odoo?

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