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    Symfony Validation Groups

    Symfony Validation Groups – In Symfony, normally we can validate user submitted values against our entities through these ways – Annotation, Yaml, PHP etc. Example validation.yml for product entity

    But when a from or entity used more than one places to create form like Product in any e-commerce

    • At time of product add you would never validate product id because it isn’t created yet.
    • But at time of edit product, you do.

    Then how is form/ entity going to tell Symfony that we need to validate id or not in current request ? For this we use Validation Groups . We declare validation groups in our from and with properties declared in validation.yml.

    Controller (It will be array)

    Yaml (Let’s say you added one validation group for product create form – “product”)

    Now productId validation is enabled only for Product Edit form.

    Framework used – Symfony 2.7, Official Doc

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