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    Symfony India Meetup 2018

    Symfony India MeetUp 2018

    The countdown starts 🙂 Announcing the first ever Symfony India Meetup which is going to held be on 15 December 2018 organized by Webkul where we share our knowledge, experience and to meet other Symfony users and web developers.

    Basically, anyone who uses, works with, wants to understand Symfony, and want to share knowledgeable information either they are merchants, developer, Marketer or freelancers and who want to learn about e-commerce are welcome to attend the meetup.

    This meetup is beneficial for PHP/Symfony community, E-commerce merchants, not a specific business and individuals.  It’s totally open who wish to join and wants to showcase your business experience and your success story with Symfony.

    What we’re about

    Webkul is a group of developers, sales & marketing executive & designers and QA who have always focussed to uplift your business. We love to build software and solve real-time problems.

    We already built 800+ Extensions for eCommerce(B2B and B2C), ERP and CRM Frameworks, We also moved into Software as a Service (SAAS) domain and established with the apps like UVdesk Helpdesk and Booking Commerce Engine.

    Topics as to be covered in the meetup:


    As we all know Symfony is a web framework by which you can develop web applications and it includes a set of reusable PHP components.

    Symfony components are used by many Open Source projects and applications such as Drupal, Laravel, phpBB, and Joomla.


    An Opensource product Information management, Akeneo is based on Symfony.  It is a great framework which is highly extensible and customizable and relies on the Symfony full-stack framework.

    Akeneo is based on the Symfony framework and so has inherited Symfony’s modularity and flexibility.


    UVDesk Helpdesk

    UVdesk is a SaaS-Based Helpdesk software which offers Powerful Ticketing System, Integration with Social Media Apps and Marketplaces and eCommerce sites to fetch the order related details to the tickets from those websites.

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    Booking Commerce

    Booking Commerce is a SaaS-Based Online booking software by which you can schedule your appointment whatever they are a doctor, consultants, lawyer or freelancers and can save the cost for appointing any personal assistant.

    Performance Testing with

    By using the software you can optimize application performance.  You can further manage application performance automation, which is also using the components of Symfony.


    OroCRM is an open source CRM tool specially designed for your eCommerce business. OroCRM is built on top of Symfony that you have really quality code which allows you to maintain your code meaningfully.

    Upcoming Meetup

    Dribbble MeetUp – 24th November 2018

    Magento MeetUp – 8th December 2018

    Previous Meetups

    Shopify Meetup – 23rd September 2017

    Dribbble Meetup – 25th February 2017

    Magento Meetup – 15th October 2016


    Symfony meetup is open to all who loves Symfony/PHPJoin Us! Our meetup free for you to attend and please refer to your network if anyone wants to connect with us.

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