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    Subscription Pause: Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Shopify

    Updated 27 March 2020

    Do you ever feel the need to pause the subscription of an application for a time being?
    Well, Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify is now up with the same feature. You can now easily pause your marketplace app’s subscription for as long as you are away.

    Let’s see how to do the same and all the FAQs related to it!


    While your application is paused, you need to pay 25% of your ongoing monthly multivendor app charge. Moreover, the charges can’t get less than $10 and higher than $25 and need to be paid monthly.

    Explaining the pricing scenario using two examples:

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    Example I

    Suppose you are billed $120 per month for using the app then you’ll need to pay 25% of $120.

    That will be $30. But because the maximum charges are $25 which means you need to pay $25 instead of $30 as the monthly subscription pause charge.

    Example II

    Suppose you are billed $30 per month for using the app then you’ll need to pay 25% of $30.

    That will be $7.5. But, similarly, the minimum charges are $10 which means you need to pay $10 instead of $7.5 as the monthly subscription pause charge.

    The Process

    To pause the app, visit: Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Hover over the three dots on the top right of dashboard > Click on Upgrade Plan option from the drop-down. Refer:

    Multivendor Marketplace Admin Panel > Upgrade Plan

    Further, on the redirected page, click on the Pause Subscription button.


    You will receive a pop-up like so:


    This action will redirect you to the Shopify Approve App Charges page. There you need to approve the charges and proceed. Further, you’ll land on a page like this:


    Here, you’ll have the Resume Subscription button which you can use whenever you’ll wish to get back.

    Note: Whenever you’ll open the app from the ‘App section’ of Shopify backend, you’ll land on the page shown above. You won’t be able to access the Multivendor backend until and unless you resume the app’s subscription.

    Similarly, whenever your sellers will log in to their seller panel, they’ll land on the page like so:


    This is the process to pause your Marketplace App’s subscription. Now, let’s see some of the queries that might be popping in your head!

    Related FAQs

    Question: In case the customer is using multivendor marketplace feature apps, will he need to pay for them while the app is paused?

    Answer: The customer needs to pay 25% of the total monthly marketplace charges. The user will be charged monthly. Also, the charges can’t get less than $10 and higher than $25.

    Question: Will my data remain saved while the app is paused?

    Answer: Yes, the data will be saved at our end while your app’s subscription is paused.

    Question: Does the customer need to pay outstanding charges before pausing the marketplace subscription?

    Answer: No, you will receive the bill at the end of the month.

    Question: Can the customer pause the marketplace app while being on the free trial period?

    Answer: No, the app can’t be paused if you are on a free trial period or even if you are using it on the partner-friendly store.

    Question: Will I be able to access the app’s backend while it’s in pause state?

    Answer: No, neither the admin nor the seller can access the backend of the multivendor marketplace app. Which means:

    • Admin can’t make changes to the configurations, products, sellers or any other marketplace data.
    • No webhook will work.
    • Sellers won’t be able to login to their seller panels.
    • Product updates done at Shopify end will not sync with the Multivendor Marketplace app.

    Question: Will the seller profile be visible on my storefront?

    Answer: No, the seller listing page or the seller profile page will not be displayed on the frontend if the app is paused.

    Question: When can I resume my subscription?

    Answer: You can resume the subscription anytime you want by clicking on the app from the Shopify app section.

    Need Help?

    Furthermore, if you have any issues, please drop an email at [email protected]. You can also create a ticket at  Webkul UV Desk.

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    It would be GREAT to let ADMIN configure MultiVendor. Help us a lot and help us to save money, in my case I have a lot of things to do and Trial is not enough. By the way I want to say this is a nice MultiVendor project. I like it everyday more and more.
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