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    Strategies to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce mobile apps!!

    Even if we claim our apps to be the best in the market, user acquisition is the central metric for determining the growth and success of them. eCommerce mobile apps are being built to increase sales and build customer loyalty, but without active users, it won’t lead to business growth and yield any profits.

    In today’s generation, the mobile app is the main source of good sales and profits when compared to eCommerce websites. According to Statista, 32 percent of users returned to an application 11 times and more. Mobile app users and mobile app engagement are two different parameters that provide genuine insight into the successful conversion rate of a mobile app. Many companies are spending an enormous amount of money on brand awareness to acquire new users. However, the value lies within the user retention and their engagement on an app.

    What exactly is a conversion rate?

    A mobile conversion rate is basically the percentage of user engagement on mobile apps and completes the desired action. We can understand it with the help of an example. Suppose there is a daily visit of 200 visitors on your website but only 20 of them complete the checkout process and purchased the products so the conversion rate is 20/200 i.e 0.1 or 10%. This is the best way to determine your conversion rate so that you can take the necessary steps to improve it.

    Here are some of the strategies that help you boost user engagement and enhance your conversion rate:

    1. Keep a track on analytics of your eCommerce mobile apps


    Before you start optimizing your app, it is important to know the reason behind the low conversion rate. Check the no. of installs, user registration, user activity, no. of uninstalls, etc. Event tracking makes you capable of reaching to the root cause of the problem. This in result will help you with your user acquisition strategy and let you seek valuable profits.

    After tracking all the user activities, try to reengage the users and also track all the potential issues that are leading to low conversion rates. For eg., There might be a problem where users are adding items in their cart without converting into a potential customer. This is the serious issue of cart abandonment. In this case, check whether if there is an issue with your payment procedure or there are any additional costs added at the time of checkout, etc.

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    2. User friendly registration process


    This is the most important feature to make your app more engaging and interesting. Customers should be provided with a user-friendly login or registration process as it makes them attract more towards the app. Also, the simple steps involved in the product purchase compels customers to go for instant purchase.

    Try to reduce the complexity involved in the registration process as it makes it convenient for visitors that in result can turn them into valuable customers. Try to provide multiple registration options i.e social networking sites like Google, Facebook, etc. or can log in with an individual password for the website. An easier gateway to the website attracts huge no. of visitors that lead to higher conversion rates and sales profits.

    3. Non intrusive design and proper functionality of eCommerce mobile apps


    The non-intrusive design of an app is the key to the higher conversion rate and sales volume. Before launching an app, it’s important to know your path to purchase in the best possible way. For this, A/B testing is the most appropriate way to know the likes and dislikes of the audience. Showcase different variants of your app’s design, creativity, it’s functionality, etc. This will help you to know the design that is driving more conversions and after that, apply those changes on your app accordingly. A customized app according to customers enables the optimization of the user experience and leads to higher profits.

    Informative Description!!

    The app design of eCommerce mobile apps also includes the way in which the products are being showcased in front of customers. An informative product description significantly improves revenues and compels customers to go for the purchase. The description should be informative and not lengthy. It should include details of the product like size, color, etc.

    Easy filtering/sorting products!!

    Customers need to save time and because of that, they are shopping online. In that case, complexity in buying a product from a website could lead to a huge bounce rate. Proper functionality of filtering and sorting products needs to be implemented on the website.

    If you offer a huge range of products and goods, streamline the steps involved in the product search. Try to add filters so that customers can find their products in no time. This will help your brand became trustworthy and popular that leads to an increase in brand loyalty. These are some of the most appropriate ways of cost-effective optimization as these design elements are the key to user engagement and improve conversion rates.

    Test before launching eCommerce mobile apps!!

    A/B testing also helps you to know the loopholes where your app is lacking, despite showing an intent to convert. Make sure the app should be bug-free before launch. Also, it could happen that despite adding items to the cart by users, they are not reaching the checkout page. This could be possible due to extra charges added at the time of checkout thus, results in cart abandonment. Being an admin, its important to keep transparency with the shipping costs and analyze the impact on the conversion rate.

    4. Right use of Push Notifications


    The push notification feature came into existence as it is the most effective way of marketing and re-engage users to increase conversion rates. The push notifications can be sent directly to users if the app is installed on their devices. According to Localytics, push notifications can increase user engagement by up to 88% while in-app messages triggered conversion by 4x.

    By implementing push-notifications feature to a mobile app, messages become personalized to the customers. The admin can provide a relevant retailer deal according to the search history of the customers. This makes a customer reach the products directly to purchase it and the result increases sales. Although, an excessive amount of messages can make users irritated and make them uninstall the app. So, to keep users engaged, use this feature efficiently.

    5. User Reviews and testimonials on the front-end of eCommerce mobile apps

    Review and tesimonials

    User reviews play a major role in changing the customer’s opinion at the time of product purchase. Before buying a product, many customers go through the reviews of the products posted by previous customers. According to Brightlocal, 91% of customers aged between 18-34 years trusted online reviews before buying a product. Moreover, high rated products can significantly impact on your sales revenue. This practice of two-way communication clearly shows the value of customer reviews and leads to good sales and profits.

    This feature enables new visitors to validate a product and its overall user experience. It also benefits admin how you value your customer’s feedback that makes your website trustworthy among customers. That is why many popular eCommerce websites highlight customer reviews for every product.

    6. Time to time offers and discounts


    Whenever it comes to improve the conversion rate of the eCommerce mobile apps, providing offers and discounts to customers is always quite helpful. So, if your business is in the state of providing discounts and offers, you should definitely take this into practice in order to capitalize on the opportunity to the fullest. This will not only help you in user engagement but also help you in enhancing brand popularity in between customers.

    Closing Thoughts

    Well, in today’s world, brand loyalty holds much more importance than user engagement on eCommerce mobile apps. Although they are equally important but converting users into potential customers will lead you to higher conversion rates. Brand loyalty will increase long-term customers and generate high revenues from your mobile app. All the above strategies will definitely help you to increase your conversion rate that will help you increase user engagement in the long run.

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