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    Stock Comparison Odoo Bridge For Magento

    It fulfills the basic need of our customers using our Magento Odoo connector to check if there is any stock mismatch between products at Magento and Odoo end and fix up the stock mismatch with a single click. This module allows the user to keep track of the product`s stock between Magento and Odoo at real time. User can easily filter those products which have stock-mismatch and thus can fix it up easily.
    Prerequisites: Magento-Odoo Stock Comparison module depends upon our Magento-Odoo Bridge (MOB) Base module. You need to install it before you can use this maintenance module.


    • Provides the facility to easily check stock mis-match between the Magento and Odoo.
    • User can select either all products or a products within a product Id range to check for mismatch.
    • Product with stock mismatch is highlighted in red for better visibility.
    • Updates product stock mismatch with a single click.
    • Updates Product stock on Magento on the basis  of stock synchronization settings under configuration.


    Stock Comparison Odoo Bridge for Magento requires base module Odoo Magento Odoo Connector  in order to work

    => This module needs to be installed only at Odoo side only.

    => Simply copy “MOB_Stock_Compare” directory to your Odoo addons>Enable the developer mode>Click on update apps list and install it on your Odoo.

    Rule for product stock mis-match will depend upon the settings under configurations for magento odoo bridge. It can be quantity on hand or forecast quantity.


    Go to Settings>Automation>Scheduled Actions>MOB Stock Sync Scheduler

    Here User can select a date and time of his choice to run the chron scheduler and thus to automate the process of stock mismatch at a given time interval. Chron will search for the products whose stock is mismatched between Magento and Odoo and will fix up the stock mismatch. Also, user has to make sure that ‘Active” checked box is enabled in order for MOB Stock mismatch to work.


    Product stock comparision view

    User can go to Magento Odoo Bridge > Compare stock. A window will appear allowing user to select whether he wants to compare the stock of all the products or want to compare the stock of range of products based on their Product Ids respectively.

    After that User will Click on Compare now and the list of products with Stock mismatch between Magento to Odoo will appear in red colour with their respective quantities available on Magento and Odoo.

    Note- The Quantity of products will depend upon the stock sync settings assingned under the MOB configuration i.e Either quantity on Hand or Forecasted Quantity.

    User will select the Products with stock mismatch and click on “Synchronize Product Stock To Magento” to resolve the stock mismatch.

    A Confirmation message will appear as shown below-

    After resolution of stock mismatch between Magento and Odoo end, the product will dissapear from stock comparison window –


    For any kind of technical assistance, just raise a ticket at : and for any doubt contact us at

    Current Product Version - 1.1

    Supported Framework Version - Magento1.9.x.x, 2.0.x.x Odoo 8.x 9.x 10.x

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