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    Start your E-commerce startup with Magento

    Updated 19 May 2017

    Magento : Think Magento. They are an open-source & SaaS provider of eCommerce solutions. They are the fastest growing player in the world in this space. They achieved all of this before they raised even a penny of venture capital. eCommerce is an enormously competitive search term. Yet type it into Google and the third result (behind the Wikipedia entry and is Magento. Magic. They did it by creating a blog, discussion board and hub for eCommerce advice and information. Techcrunch

    There are thousands of ways by which you can start your startup (product/services) using this wonderful platform .

    1 –  Create your own extensions : This is really booming idea , magento provides you a wonderful platform with wonderful API by which you can create your own magento module and extensions and you can sell them as well . Like we did

    Webkul magento extension’s

    2 – Create your own store : This one is quite common but still working , e-commerce is booming market and you can create your own store using this wonderful platform

    Searching for an experienced
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    3 – Magento Services : If you are running a service company still magento is way to beneficial than any other platform .

    4 – Magento Integration Services  : This is also a very awesome idea , you can integrate other popular platform with magento like interation with wordpress and joomla

    There are thousands of other ways of doing it . explore and enjoy with magento


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