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    WhatsApp Live Chat for Shopware 6

    Updated 6 October 2023


    Whatsapp is one of the best ways to solve the queries of the end-user directly and by keeping this in mind we have introduced the Shopware WhatsApp Live Chat module.

    This module allows the admin to enable live Chat support on WhatsApp. Customers can ask their queries and get solutions for those queries over WhatsApp chat.

    As a result, the customers don’t need to wait for a reply over the mail and can chat over WhatsApp during the given time interval.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin –



    • The admin can configure the layout settings for the chat support window.
    • Admin can create multiple chat support agents.
    • The admin can create and manage the chat support team by creating member types.
    • Admin can choose the image of the support team member for the chat support window.
    • The admin can enter the initial message for each support agent which will be sent to the customer after scanning the QR code.
    • The title and description for the chat support window can be configured by the admin.


    Shopware provides two ways to install the plugin to the server.

    1. Using Command
    2. Manual installation

    Installation Using Commands

    Customers will get a zip folder, then they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. The customer has Copy the folder WhatsAppChat to custom/plugins directory of Shopware6. As shown in the below image:

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    Now open the Shopware6 application in the Terminal.

    Run this command to refresh the plugin –

    ./bin/console plugin:refresh

    Go to your Shopware installation Root directory and run this command to install then activate the plugin –

    ./bin/console plugin:install --activate WhatsAppChat

    To install the assets(CSS/JS)

    ./bin/console assets:install

    To clear the cache run this command –

    ./bin/console c:c

    Now refresh the administration.

    After that, visit administration Extensions->My Extensions, the WhatsApp chat will be listed there.

    Manual Installation

    1. Upload the zip file of the plugin.
    2. Go to your Shopware6 installation backend panel then navigate to Extensions -> My Extensions after that, you can find all the installed plugins in it.

    For uploading the plugin, the user can click on the Upload Plugin button. The user can upload the plugin zip(WhatsApp chat) here.


    Further, in the newly added plugin, uninstall action can be performed.


    Click on the activate button.


    After that run this command to clear the cache:

    ./bin/console c:c



    Now go to Dashboard, Settings-> My Extensions.


    After the successful installation of the Shopware6 WhatsApp Chat module, you will be able to see the configuration panel under Extensions -> WhatsApp Chat Configuration.


    General Setting

    Now the Admin will need to configure the below-mentioned options of the general section:

    Sales Channel Select the sales channel.

    Heading Title – The Admin will have to enter the heading title for multiple languages. Also, these entered heading titles will be displayed on the top of the chat support window.

    Description Enter a description for multiple languages and the entered description will be displayed on the chat support window.


    Position – In the position, the admin can select the position of the WhatsApp chat icon and window by selecting any one of the given positions. The positions given are -Right Top, Right Bottom, Right Middle, Left Top, Left Bottom, Left Middle.

    Button Color – Select the Button color of the Whatsapp icon.

    Popup Background Color – The admin can select the Background color for the WhatsApp window.

    Header Background Color – Select the color of the heading.


    Text Color – The admin can select the color of the text.

    Show Options – These options will be shown at the bottom of WhatsApp Team Member, i.e. availability time and department name.

    After that click on the Save button.


    Support Team

    Here, the admin can either create a new support agent, delete the existing agent, or can even edit the multiple chat support agents for the WhatsApp module.

    Now go to Settings->Extensions->WhatsApp Chat Support Team. Here click on the Add Team button.


    Now the admin can also filter the list with the use of filter options as shown below.


    Now, enter the team name than to activate the team click on the Active button.

    Click on the Save button.


    Support Team Member

    Here the admin can create support agents. For that navigate to WhatsApp Chat ->Support Team Member. Click on the Add Member.


    Admin will need to configure the below-mentioned options:

    Member Name – Here the admin can enter the name of the support agent which will be visible on the WhatsApp chat window.

    Team – Select the team of support agents.

    Country Code – Select the country code.

    Contact Number – Enter the contact number of a support agent.

    Message – The admin has to enter the message which will display whenever the customer first scans the QR code.


    Time From and Time To – Here the admin will have to select the time at which the support agent will be available for a chat in the WhatsApp window.

    Also, the given time will display on the WhatsApp chat window.

    Sort Order –  Here the admin will enter the sort order according to which support agent will be displayed on the WhatsApp chat window.

    Profile image – The admin can select the image to be displayed in the WhatsApp chat window.

    Active – After entering all these details the admin will have to click on the Active button.

    Now, click on the Save button.


    WhatsApp Customer View

    In Shopware WhatsApp live Chat module, whenever the customer will visit the website, a WhatsApp icon will be shown on the given position to the customer.

    Further, by clicking on that icon the WhatsApp window will open where customers can chat with the desired support agent.

    Now let us see how the customer view of this module looks like,


    Here the customer will click on the desired support agent with who the customer wants to chat. For example: when the customer clicks on Peter Doe, the WhatsApp window to scan QR code will arrive.


    Now the customer will scan the QR code and will be able to chat with the Support agent.


    Need Help?

    That is all about the Shopware WhatsApp Live Chat module, for any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

    Please explore our shopware development services and Quality shopware extensions.

    Current Product Version - 1.0.4

    Supported Framework Version -

    Blog Version -
    • Version
    • Version
    • Version 6.1.0 & 6.1.1 stable version
    . . .

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