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    Shopware 6 Geolocation Currency Converter


    As the name hints, the Geolocation Currency Converter extension changes the price of your shop’s product in run time as per the customer location. Let’s assume your online shop currency is in a dollar and when a customer opens your site in Germany the product price converts into Euro automatically.

    The module converts the price of the products in run-time on your store according to the geographical location where the store site is located then displays the product price in multiple currencies according to the region.

    Check a brief overview of the plugin –



    • Converts the price of your store’s product as per country location.
    • Customers can see the price according to their location on the product listing page.
    • Geolocation price conversion at Category Pages.
    • Customers can view the latest price based on their region.
    • The prices will be show customers supported currency.


    Shopware provides two ways to install the plugin to the server.

    1. Using Command
    2. Manual installation

    Installation Using Commands

    Customers will get a zip folder, then they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system. The customer has Copy the folder WebkulGLCC to custom/plugins directory of Shopware6. As shown in the below image:

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    Now open the Shopware6 application in the Terminal.

    Run this command to refresh the plugin –

    /bin/console plugin:refresh

    Go to your Shopware installation Root directory and run this command to install then activate the plugin –

    ./bin/console plugin:install --activate

    To clear the cache run this command –

    ./bin/console c:c

    Now refresh the administration.

    Manual Installation

    1) Extract the zip file of the plugin.

    2) Goto your Shopware 6 installation backend panel and navigate to Setting -> System -> Plugins after that you can find all the installed plugin in it.


    For installing the plugin, the user can click on the Upload Plugin button. The user can upload the plugin zip(WebkulGLCC) here.

    3) After uploading the plugin zip, the user can see the plugin in the list.


    4) Now the user can click on the install icon to install the Shopware GLCC plugin.

    5) After the installation of the plugin, the user can click to activate the plugin.


    While in the process the admin can see the success message ‘Plugin has been activated‘.

    After the installation process and plugin configuration if the GLCC icon option is not visible then run this command to clear the cache:

    /bin/console c:c


    After the successful installation, the admin can configure the Shopware Geolocation Currency Converter module. After clicking on the plugin, the user can see all the installed plugin in the Shopware. The user can click on the “…” icon for the configuration option of the plugin.


    After that click on Config option.


    In the configuration, you will see there are two options.

    Text color – In this option, you will enter the text color.

    Price text color – Here you will fill price text color.

    After that click on the Save button.

    Admin can also configure the Shopware Google Map Pin module for that admin will navigate to Settings>Plugins>Geolocation Currency Converter


    After that click on Geolocation Currency Converter. Then in general settings, you need to enter the text and text price.


    Customer Front-end

    This module will convert the price on the category page as per the screenshot. you can also see the converted prices for your region.


    Go to the sub-category and search category page and you can also see the converted prices.



    That’s all for the Shopware 6 Geolocation Currency Converter, still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

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    Current Product Version - 1.0.3

    Supported Framework Version - Shopware

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