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    Shopware Order Attachments

    Updated 6 October 2023

    Shopware Order Attachments: With this module, the customer can upload the attachments in the orders while buying the products online. During the checkout process or after placing the order the customer can add the attachment(Images, PDF) in the order.

    The admin can accept or deny the attached file, after that the order status will be changed automatically. The admin can view, cancel, and accept the attachments uploaded by the customer.


    • Add the order attachment at the time of checkout. 
    • The customer can add multiple attachments at the time of placing an order.
    • The customer can add/upload the order with the attachment while placing the order. 
    • Support the format as selected by the admin – PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG.
    • The admin can deny or accept uploaded order attachments.
    • The customer can add comments while uploading order attachments. 
    • Supports multiple file upload with a single order.
    • Ability to attach files along with the message, if you have any comments.
    • Customers get an error message for the wrong file type upload or exceeding the size limit for order attachment.
    • The admin can edit/delete the attachment from the backend.
    • The admin can restrict the size of order attachment uploads and specify allowed file attachment types from the configuration.
    • Attachment list attached by customer can get from the admin backend.

    What is the need for the Shopware Order Attachments Module?

    In a general scenario, multiple times additional information needs to be attached during checkout and even after order processing to understand customer requirements completely.

    Order attachment module can let customers add downloadable files and used for various use cases such as doctor’s prescription, technical description, drug products, licenses and fitness certificates on online customer’s order.

    Order attachment is often used by online pharma shops which facilitate to customer buy medicine from the online shop by uploading prescription in the format as defined by admin PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG.

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    Installation Steps – By Running Commands & Manually

    Customers will get a zip folder, and they have to extract the contents of this zip folder on their system.

    After extracting the WebkulOrderAttachments folder, the customer needs to transfer this folder to custom > plugins on the server, as shown in the snapshot below.


    After the successful transfer of the shopware order attachment module folder, you have to run the below-mentioned commands in the Shopware root directory.

    1 – Go to your Shopware installation root directory and run this command –

    php bin/console plugin:install WebkulOrderAttachments

    2 – To activate the plugin run this command –

    php bin/console plugin:activate clearcache WebkulOrderAttachments

    Manual installation from the plugin manager:

    For the manual installation of the shopware order attachment plugin follow the steps as mentioned below:

    1) Extract the zip file of the plugin.

    2) Goto your Shopware 6 installation backend panel and navigate to  Extensions-> My Extensions after that you can find all the installed plugins in it.

    image 6

    For installing the plugin, the user can click on the Upload Extension button. The user can upload the plugin zip(WebkulOrderAttachment) here.

    3) After uploading the plugin zip, the user can see the Extensions in the list.


    4) Now the user can click on the install icon to install the Shopware Order Attachment extension.

    5) After the installation of the extension, the user can click to activate the extension.


    While in the process the admin can see the success message ‘Extension has been activated‘.

    After the installation process and plugin configuration if the Order Attachments icon option is not visible then run this command to clear the cache:

    php bin/console cache:clear

    Video Tutorials

    Admin End

    User End

    Order Attachment – Configuration

    After the successful installation of the module, the admin can configure this module under “Extensions > My Extensions > Webkul Order Attachments > Config” in the drop-down as shown below snapshot.


    Tapping on config button will bring you to the order attachments configuration page. In the general setting, the admin can set the required settings for order attachment.


    Saleschannel: Select the sales channel either Headless or Shop.

    Allowed Supported: This module supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG format for attachment. Specify the allowed file type extensions for the attachment file.

    Maximum number of file: Enter the maximum number of file can be upload from 1 to 10.

    Maximum size of file: Enter maximum file size in MB “from 1 to 10 MB” for the attachment uploads.

    Once you will be done, click on the save button from the top right corner as shown below.


    Order Attachment – Admin Backend

    After the successful installation of the Shopware Order attachment, the admin can configure the module.

    For that, they need to navigate through Setting>Extensions.


    Enable attachment for product

    Once you will click on enable attachments for the product tab it will take you to enable attachments for the product page. Here, the admin can select the products for order attachment.


    After selecting the product the admin need to select any one option from the following:

    • Enable & Required – In this option, the order attachment functionality is enabled and mandatory.
    • Enable – In this option, the order attachment functionality is enabled but not mandatory.
    • Disable – In this option the order attachment functionality is disabled.

    Order Attachments

    Once the customer places the order, the admin needs to navigate through Settings>Extensions > Orders Attachments to view order attachment files as shown in the image below.


    The admin needs to click on the view button in order to view order attachment as similar below:


    Attachment Status

    The admin will have an option to see the comment and change the attachment status as Accepted or Denied.


    By default, the status shows denied until it will not modify from admin. To change the status of attachment, admin needs to click on edit button from top right corner.

    Click on the below-highlighted checkbox to accept the attachment file then save it.


    In addition, the admin will have the option to print the attachment by clicking on print button.


    Order Attachment – Customer End

    If the attachment is enabled and required in the backend, the customer will see the “Order attachment” option to comment during checkout for that specific product.


    If the admin enables attachments in the backend, customers will be able to see the “Order attachment” option for commenting, and they will have the option to upload an order attachment now or later during checkout for that specific product, as shown in the screenshot below.


    Customers will not be able to see the “order attachment” option if the attachment is disabled in the backend, as shown in the screenshot below.


    Multiple Attachment Support

    The customer gets the option to attach multiple files to comments. In case uploaded file size and allowed type will not fit or number fo attachment is greater than specified, customer get the error message similar as below:

    image 77


    Moreover, customer can view an attached file on the ordered product in Order View under My Account section as shown below:

    all orders

    The attachment can be seen to customers for a particular ordered product by tapping on view button.


    In addition, customer can also see the attachment status as accepted or denied after verified by admin.

    Order Attachments Add

    If the customers want to add an attachment after placing the order then customer have the option to attach files in Order Attachments Add tab under My Account section as shown below:


    The customer will have to put order number and need to click on the Get order details button to attach the required files on placed order.


    After uploading an attachment with the proper format and size, the attachment can be sent and the attachment files can be seen to the admin in the order attachment section.


    That’s all Showare Order Attachment still have any issue feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better .

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    Current Product Version - 1.2.1

    Supported Framework Version - Shopware

    Blog Version - Shopware
    • Version Shopware
    • Version 6.0.x & 6.1.x
    . . .

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